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Professor Juwen Zhang earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Folklore and Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania, along with an Urban Studies Certificate. He also studied at the graduate programs in Dartmouth College, and Shenyang Normal University in China.

As a folklorist, Professor Zhang is currently the President of Western States Folklore Society (WSFS), and has also served on the Executive Board of the American Folklore Society (AFS).  In 2019, he delivered the Archer Taylor Memorial Lecture at the WSFS. His research interests are in, rites de passage, ritual studies, folklore performance, ethnic identity, humor, film and folklore, folktale, and Chinese/Asian American folklore. He has conducted fieldwork in the US and China.

Professor Zhang has extensive experience in teaching Chinese language and culture. Prior to his joining Willamette University in 2002, he taught at Dartmouth College, Middlebury College Summer Language School, Swarthmore College, Haverford College, and Bryn Mawr College. During 2012-13, he taught at Dartmouth College as a visiting professor. Professor Zhang’s language teaching style has integrated the merits from different approaches, emphasizing communicative proficiency. Through visualization and dramatization in reinforcement drills and situational conversations, he tries to make the process of learning Chinese not only efficient, but also pleasant.

Professor Zhang has led groups of students to China for faculty-student joint research projects or post-session courses, and has worked with students on various projects such as making and playing traditional ceramic and bamboo flutes, and facilitating a number of students publishing their translations. 

Professor Zhang is the recipient of the Faculty Achievement Award for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship, Faculty Council, Willamette University, 2020. 

Professor Zhang currently teaches these courses on a regular basis:

  • ASIA 201: Gateway to East Asia
  • ASIA 210: Making and Playing of Traditional Musical Instruments
  • CHNSE 131: Elementary Chinese (I)
  • CHNSE 132: Elementary Chinese (II)
  • CHNSE 431: Reading the Humanities
  • CHNSE 432: Introduction to Classical Chinese Texts and Thoughts
  • CHNSE 490, 491: Reading and Conference
  • CHNSE 254: Folklore and Identity
  • CHNSE 352: Rites of Passage in Chinese Societies
  • CHNSE 499W: Senior Seminar

Professor Zhang teaches these courses on a need basis:

  • ASIA 258-01: Topics in Asian Studies: Asian American Folklore and Folklife
  • ASIA 258-02: Chinese Food and Medicine
  • ASIA 358: Field Studies in China
  • ASIA 390-391: Independent Study
  • CHNSE 231, 232: Second Year Chinese
  • CHNSE 331, 332: Third Year Chinese
  • IDS 101-38: Eat Drink Man and Woman in China (First-year College Colloquium)
  • IDS 101-37: Confucius and Aristotle: Everyday Ethics (First-year College Colloquium)

Selected Publications (2017- )

Zhang, Juwen. Rediscovering the Brothers Grimm of China: Lin Lan. Journal of American Folklore 133 (529): 285-306, 2020.

Zhang, Juwen. Folkloric Identity Is the Thing. Archer Taylor Lecture at the 2019 Western States Folklore Society annual meeting. Western Folklore, 79 (2/3): 215-250, 2020. 

Zhang, Juwen. The Concept of Ethnic Genre as a Paradigm Shift. Western Folklore, Special Issue in Honor of Dan Ben-Amos. 79 (1): 13-44, 2020.

Zhang, Juwen. Motif as Symbol in Context. In Contexts of Folklore: Festschrift for Dan Ben-Amos on His Eighty-Fifth Birthday. Eds. Simon Bronner and Wolfgang Mieder. New York: Peter Lang Publishers, 2019. Pp. 343-353. 

Zhang, Juwen. Fairy Tales in China: An Ongoing Evolution. In The Fairy Tale World, ed. Andrew Teverson. London: Routledge. 2019. Pp. 335-346. 

Zhang, Juwen. Folklore in China: Past, Present, and Challenges. In The Challenge of Folklore to the Humanities, ed. Dan Ben-Amos. Special issue of HUMANITIES. Vol. 7(2), 35. 2018. doi: 10.3390/h7020035 (http://www.mdpi.com/2076-0787/7/2/35/htm). 

Zhang, Juwen. 文学类型还是生活信仰:童话在中国的蜕变及其思考 (Literary Genre or Belief in Everyday Life: The Transformation of Fairy Tale in China). National Arts (民族艺术) 6:37-41, 2019.  

Zhang, Juwen. 民俗影像的核心符号与相关伦理 (The Core Markers and Concerning Ethics in Video-Documenting Folklore). Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities (广西民族大学学报). 1: 6-10, 2019. 

Zhang, Juwen. 从刘基文化的非物质文化遗产表象看民俗认同的地域性和传承性 (Folkloric Identity and Its Regionality and Transmission: Expressions through Liuji Culture as Intangible Cultural Heritage). Journal of Wenzhou University (温州大学学报), 5: 29-37, 2018.

Zhang, Juwen. 文化自愈机制及其中国实践 (Cultural Self-Healing Mechanism and the Chinese Practice). Journal of Beijing Normal University (北京师范大学学报) , 268 (4): 50-60, 2018.  

Zhang, Juwen. 一位格物致知的民俗学家 (A Folklorist in Search of Thorough Investigation of Knowledge: Dan Ben-Amos). Folk Culture Forum 249 (2): 35-39, 2018.

Zhang, Juwen. 非物质文化遗产与中国文化的自愈机制 (Intangible Cultural Heritage and Self-Healing Mechanism in Chinese Culture). Folklore Studies 137 (1): 5-16, 2018.

Zhang, Juwen. 民俗认同:民俗学关键词之一 (Folkloric Identity: A Keyword in Folkloristics). Folk Culture Forum 248 (1): 9-14, 2018.

Zhang, Juwen and Sharon Sherman, eds. 民俗影视记录手册 (A Handbook for Video- Documenting Folklore). Chinese edition. Beijing: Shangwu yingshuguan. 2018.  ISBN 9787100164375

Zhang, Juwen. tr. ed. 民俗学概念与方法:丹·本-阿默思文集 (Concepts and Methods in Folkloristics: Essays by Dan Ben-Amos). With an Introduction. Beijing: Zhongguo shehui kexue chubanshe, 2018. ISBN 9787520329422

Zhang, Juwen. tr. 过渡礼仪 (Les Rites de Passage by Arnold van Gennep). Beijing: Shangwu yinshuguan, 2010. ISBN 9787100069090. (Reprinted in the Series of Chinese Translations of World Academic Masterpieces (汉译世界学术名著丛书), 2012, ISBN 9787100094948; (The 120th Anniversary Edition 纪念版, 2017, ISBN 9787100136143); (The Memorial Collection Edition, hardcover, 2018, ISBN 9787100147880)

Zhang, Juwen. Intangible Cultural Heritage and Self-Healing Mechanism in Chinese Culture. Western Folklore 76 (2): 197-226. 2017.

Zhang, JuwenThe Records of Mongolian Folklore by Xiao Daheng (1532-1612) and Two Rhapsodies on the Xun-Flute from Tang China (618-907): Two Primary Sources of Chinese and Mongolian Folklore and Music. Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2017.

Zhang, Juwen and Junhua Song, eds. Metafolklore: Stories of Sino-US Folkloristic Communication (亚民俗:中美民俗学者交流的故事). Guangzhou: Sun Yat-sen University Press, 2017. (English and Chinese bilingual edition). 

Zhang, Juwen. tr. 祈颂姑: 赞比亚本巴人的一次女孩成人仪式 (Chisungu: A Bemba Girl’s Initiation Ceremony in Zambia. By Audrey Richards). Translation with an Introduction. Beijing: Shangwu yinshuguan, 2017.

Zhang, Juwen, and Xing Zhou. “The Essentials of Intangible Cultural Heritage Practices in China: The Inherent Logic and Transmission Mechanism of Chinese Tradition.” Western Folklore, Special Issue: Intangible Cultural Heritage in China 72.2 (2017): 133-149.

Zhang, Juwen. “Intangible Cultural Heritage and Self- Healing Mechanism in Chinese Culture.” Western Folklore, Special Issue: Intangible Cultural Heritage in China 72.2 (2017): 197-226.

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