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Signature Strengths

Willamette University College of Law develops the next generation of problem-solving lawyers and leaders dedicated to serving their communities and the legal profession.

Willamette University College of Law was the first law school to open in the Pacific Northwest. Building on deep historic roots, we focus with pride on educating the next generation of problem-solving lawyers and leaders. Our location in Salem, Oregon, directly across the street from the Oregon State Capitol and Supreme Court, cannot be matched in the region. Our thought-leading scholars advance and promote our shared responsibility to make a difference in society, placing justice, fairness, and equality at the heart of everything we do.

The College of Law produces the best problem solvers, community leaders, legal dealmakers, and changemakers in the most innovative region of the country. We have had several years of remarkable growth in academic achievement as our bar passage rates and employment outcomes reflect. We also consistently have the highest graduate employment rates among all Oregon law schools, and are among the best on the entire West Coast.

We are a dynamic force within our university’s vision of an “Only at Willamette” education and have worked to develop one of the most forward-thinking and creative legal education programs in the country. Our student-centric approach manifests in the robust experiential learning opportunities we provide alongside curricular strengths in public service, business law, advocacy, international law, and health law.

Business Law

We are committed to helping our students mature into the best possible business-minded and problem-solving lawyers and providing them with an unparalleled foundation for success in business or industry.

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Public Service

We train servant-leaders in a capital city teeming with legislators and judges, offering hundreds of internships and externships. Our alumni have risen in the ranks serving as distinguished jurists, Presidents of the Oregon Bar and U.S. Attorneys. Two of our alumni currently serve as the Governor of Washington, and a US Senator for Alaska.

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With several leading jurists on the faculty, Willamette’s focus on advocacy skills helps students gain the confidence necessary to face litigation challenges and resolve disputes– wherever they may arise in their careers– when the stakes are highest.

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International Law

Our graduates will make critical decisions in a global, interconnected, and “always-on” world. Building on our deep and historic strengths in international law teaching and scholarship, we therefore seek to equip them with the confidence needed to help clients find clarity amid international complexity.

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Health Law

We will capitalize on our geographic proximity to Salem Health and OHSU and our university’s focus on public health education. We are committed to developing public health and healthcare industry leaders by imbuing them with the expertise needed to serve in these critical, and rapidly-changing sectors of our economy and society.

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