The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an integral part of the law school admission process. Learn more about the LSAT:

The LSAT is the standardized test used by almost all law schools as an admissions requirement. The test is designed to measure some skills and qualities relevant to the study of law, but it is not the only metric useful in understanding an applicant – we consider all applications holistically. While it is often considered the central component in applications, there is no minimum LSAT we accept.

A traditional path to preparation involves taking the LSAT in the summer between your junior and senior year for the first time; some students take it multiple times to raise their score, often studying months in advance. A score is valid for five years. Any applicants with a score more than five years old are required to retake the test. More information can be found at

We strive to help all students prepare for their LSAT and raise their scores. Taking the LSAT can be a developed skill, so if you do not receive your desired score, keep studying! Good luck testing!

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