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Laura Appleman


Sheryl Buske

  • Pigs, Mats and Little Girls: The Reallocation of Children Disguised as Kastom Adoptions in Vanuatu, Geo. Mason U.C.R.L.J (Forthcoming 2023). 
Keith Cunningham-Parmeter

Keith Cunningham-Parmeter 

Caroline Davidson

Caroline Davidson

  • Femicide in International Criminal Law, Harv. J. L. & Gender (Forthcoming 2023).
  • Of Old Men, Country Clubs, and Atrocities—The Visualities and Externalities of Prosecuting Elderly Human Rights Violators in Chile, 19 J. Int’l Crim. Just. (forthcoming 2021).

Paul Diller

David Friedman

David Friedman

Brian R. Gallini

Brian R. Gallini

Andrew Gilden

Andrew Gilden

Steven K. Green

Steven Green

  • Separating Church and State: A History (2022). 
  • The Supreme Court's Ahistorical Religion Clause Historicism, 73 Baylor L. Rev. 505 (2022). 
  • No Aid, No Agency, 29 Wm. & Mary Bill Rts. J. 1053 (2021). 
Rohan Grey

Rohan Grey

  • Digitizing the Dollar: The Battle for the Soul of Public Money in the Age of Cryptocurrency (Forthcoming 2021). 
  • Equity & Inclusion in Teaching the Law of Digital Money, in Integrating Doctrine & Diversity: Inclusion & Equity Beyond the First Year (Nicole Dyszlewski et al. eds., 2023)
  • Digital, in Tipping Points in International Law: Critique and Commitment (John Haskell & Jean D'Aspremont eds., 2021)
  • Equality, Not Equal Pay: Distributional Justice Beyond Money, in Debating Equal Pay For All: Economy, Practicability, and Ethics (Anders Örtenblad ed., 2021).
  • Smart Contracts in Monetary Policy, J.L. Info. & Sci. (2021).

Robin Maril


Sarah Matsumoto

  • Heat Waves & a Public-Private Partnership in Alaska, Alaska L. Rev. Symposium (Forthcoming 2022) (with Karen Sandrik). 
James Nafziger

James Nafziger

  • The Law and Bioethics of End-of-Life Decisions: United States National Report, International Academy of Comparative Law, 69 Am. J. Comp. L. (Supp. 2022).
  • Frontiers of Cultural Heritage Law (Brill-Nijhoff 2021).
  • Artificial Barriers to Migration--On the Border of International Law, Too?, in Migration and International Regulation (Masa Kovic-Dine & Vasilka Cancin eds., 2021).
Karen Sandrik

Karen Sandrik

Aaron Simowitz

Aaron Simowitz


Symeon Symeonides

  • Conflict of Laws in the ALI's First Century, in the American Law Institute: A Centennial History (R. Gordon & A. Gold eds., Forthcoming 2023). 
  • Infringement of Personality Rights via the Internet: Jurisdiction and Choice of Law, 5 Lex & Forum (Forthcoming 2022). 
  • Rome II and Cross-Border Violations of Human Rights, Infringements of Personality Rights, and Other Cross-Border Torts, 23 Yearbook of Private Int'l L. 171 (2022) 
  • Cross-Border Infringement of Personality Rights via the Internet (2021). 
  • Torts and Conflict of Laws in Comparative Tort Law: Global Perspectives 35 (M. Bussani & A Sebok eds., 2d ed. 2021). 

Norman Williams


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