"Your library is your paradise." --Desiderius Erasmus

With the pressures of law school, who doesn't need a little paradise?

Willamette's J. W. Long Library is designed to provide students with a peaceful, modern environment to study, read and recharge. Dedicated in 1995, it was named after J.W. Long, a supporter of education and Willamette, whose own education was quite modest.  His sons, Richard S. and William D. Long, both Willamette CAS graduates, felt the gift was a fitting tribute to the father who had a keen interest in technology and loved reading about the law.  

Law students have round-the-clock access to the library and may reserve study carrels and study rooms. The law library is also open to the public on a more limited basis. [Note: 24-hour access and public access have been suspended for fall 2020 because of COVID-19.]

Professional Law Librarians provide research instruction in the library and in classes, guiding students and patrons through the more than 300,000 volumes and extensive online resources that include state and federal primary law sources as well as leading books, journals and other sources vital to a full understanding of the law.

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