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United States Supreme Court (1 summary)

Bittner v. United States

Records and reports on foreign financial agency transactions as detailed in 31 U.S.C. §5314 and §5321 may penalize nonwillful violations up to $10,000 per inadequate report, not per foreign account that is in violation.

Area(s) of Law:
  • Tax Law

9th Circuit Court of Appeals (6 summaries)

Duke v. Gastelo

“Younger abstention is appropriate when: (1) there is an ongoing state judicial proceeding; (2) the proceeding implicates important state interests; (3) there is an adequate opportunity in the state proceedings to raise constitutional challenges; and (4) the requested relief seeks to enjoin or has the practical effect of enjoining the ongoing state judicial proceeding.” Aravelo v. Hennessy, 882 F.3d 763, 765 (9th Cir. 2018).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Habeas Corpus

Olsen v. State of California

A legislative “desire to harm a politically unpopular group cannot constitute a legitimate government interest.” United States Dep't of Agric. v. Moreno 413 U.S. 528, 534 (1973).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Constitutional Law

Murguia v. Langdon

“If affirmative conduct on the part of a state actor places a plaintiff in danger, and the officer acts in deliberate indifference to that plaintiff’s safety, a claim arises under §1983.” Penilla v. City of Huntington Park, 115 F.3d 707, 710 (9th Cir. 1997).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Civil Rights § 1983

Chamber of Commerce of the U.S. v. Bonta

State laws which burden the formation of arbitration agreements stand as an obstacle to the Federal Arbitration Act and are preempted by federal law. Doctor’s Assocs., Inc. v. Casarotto, 517 U.S. 683 (1996) and Kindred Nursing Ctrs. Ltd. P’ship v. Clark, 137 S. Ct. 1421 (2017).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Arbitration

Dreamstime.com, LLC v. Google, LLC

A Sherman Act 15 U.S.C. §2 claim includes two elements: "(1) the defendant has monopoly power in the relevant market, and (2) the defendant has willfully acquired or maintained monopoly power in that market." United States v. Grinnell Corp., 384 U.S. 563, 570-571 (1966).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Antitrust

Rigsby, et al v. GoDaddy Inc., et al

"Where domain names are used to infringe, the infringement does not result from a registrar's registration activities, but from the registrant's use... in connection with goods and services." Lockheed Martin Corp. v. Network Solutions, Inc. 194 F.3d 980, 985 (9th Cir. 1999). “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.” 47 USC §230(c)(1).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Trademarks

Oregon Court of Appeals (3 summaries)

Dept. of Human Services v. R.W.C.

Juvenile courts may order psychological evaluations as part of the Department of Human Service's treatment plan for parents of children under the court's jurisdiction in cases of adoption as well as reunification under ORS 419B.387.

Area(s) of Law:
  • Juvenile Law

State v. True

An encounter with an officer cannot be considered a seizure unless the officer's actions would lead a reasonable person to believe that they were not free to leave. State v. Leiby, 293 Ore. App. 293 (Or. Ct. App. 2018). Regarding breath test validity, "[n]othing in the rule requires that a DUII suspect be allowed to rinse his mouth during the pre-test waiting period... the rule prohibits it." State v. Goddard, 87 Ore. App. 130, 131 (Or. Ct. App. 1987).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Criminal Law

James et al. v. PacifiCorp, Inc.

Appellate review of class certification may be granted when preliminary qualifications regarding the case are met and judicial discretion allows for it. ORS 19.225 (1976).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Appellate Procedure

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