Willamette's Early Career/Career Change MBA students come from around the world and throughout the United States to participate in an MBA program specifically designed to provide the knowledge, real professional work experience and career tools needed for successful careers.

They are described by their references as energetic, bright, creative, ethical, exceptional, friendly, mature, hard-working, insightful, professional, reliable, team players and leaders.

With an average age of 24, our students include recent college graduates using their MBA experience to fast-track their career, and students with professional work experience seeking career change or advancement.

They come from big cities and small rural areas. Some have focused their undergraduate studies in the liberal arts. Others have studied the sciences, engineering, business or economics.

Students also come to the Willamette MBA with differing aspirations and career goals. Future business leaders work side-by-side with future leaders of public and not-for-profit organizations – each gaining insight and a better understanding of the role of a manager in the organizational environment.

Willamette MBA students challenge and support each other, in good times and bad, in work and in play, and build a network of friendships that last a lifetime. They also share a commitment to the Willamette University Motto "Not Unto Ourselves Alone Are We Born," and seek to contribute to the betterment of the world through their personal and professional activities.



Small School - Big Reputation

Student Profle
Entering Class of 2020

Number of Students: 66
Median GMAT: 550
Mean GMAT: 550
Median Verbal GRE: 149
Mean Verbal GRE: 150

Median Quant GRE: 147
Mean Quant GRE: 149
Median Undergrad GPA: 3.14
Mean Undergrad GPA: 3.13
Females: 48%
Males: 52%
U.S. Students: 89%
Intl. Students: 11%
U.S. Multicultural: 23%
Countries Represented: 5
States Represented: 14
Median Age: 24
Mean Age: 22
Age Range: 20-57
Bachelor Degree Major:
Business: 17%
Economics: 30%
Sci/Math/Engr: 6%
Soc Sci/Hum: 47%
Months Work Experience:
Mean: 8
Median: 0


Willamette University

Early Career and Career Change MBA

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