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MBA concentrations at Willamette University

Willamette's MBA concentration program offers a variety of focus areas that allow you to tailor your studies to your career goals. Learn more about Willamette's MBA concentrations that prepare students for a variety of career paths.

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MBA Concentrations

Willamette offers a wide range of concentrations for MBA students enrolled in the Early Career/Career Change and One Year MBA programs. Below is an overview of the business concentrations available with Willamette's MBA program.

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    MBA with an Accounting Concentration

    A concentration in accounting equips you with in-depth knowledge of financial reporting. This program is for students who want to be a CPA.

    MBA Entrepreneurship Concentration

    The entrepreneurship concentration teaches skills for starting and managing your own business or working in a startup. This program is ideal for those who want to create their own ventures.

    MBA Concentration in Finance

    Finance concentrations emphasize financial management, investments, and risk assessment. This is a good choice for people who want to be a financial analyst, investment banker, or work in corporate finance.

    MBA with a GLOBAL MANAGEMENT Concentration

    For those interested in international business, the global management concentration explores the complexities of operating in a global marketplace. It covers topics like international marketing, cross-cultural management, and global supply chain management.

    MBA with A Human Resources Concentration

    This concentration delves into the strategic aspects of human resource management, including talent acquisition, development, and retention. It prepares you for roles in HR leadership and organizational development.


    Lean into math and statistics to solve complex decisions. This program helps students hone their skills in analyzing data and problem-solving.

    MBA with A Marketing Concentration

    A concentration in marketing focuses on consumer behavior, market research, and branding strategies. Utilize this program to pursue a career in advertising, market research, or brand management.

    MBA with an Operations Management Concentration

    This concentration is all about optimizing processes, supply chain management, and data analytics. Students who are interested in business efficiency and operations management should choose this concentration.


    This program concentrates on understanding the dynamics within organizations, including leadership, culture, and change management. Consider this program if you're interested in management consulting or leadership roles.

    Public and Non-Profit Management MBA Concentration

    This concentration prepares you for leadership roles in government, healthcare, education, or nonprofit organizations. Students will be ready to pursue a management role in public and non-profit companies.

Understanding MBA Specializations

Willamette's MBA program caters to a broad spectrum of career interests and goals. No matter what career you're interested in, you'll be able to find a program that will provide the specialization you need.

Willamette's full-time MBA program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of all the functions within an organization. Concentrations are specific fields of study that allow students to dive deeper into a particular aspect of business. MBA focus areas are a valuable addition, as they demonstrate your expertise and commitment to a particular business discipline.

Choosing your MBA Focus Area

Concentrations are optional, however, selecting a concentration can offer several advantages. Concentrations can help students become an expert in a particular field and enhance their job prospects.

  • How to select the right MBA concentration


    When deciding on a concentration, it's helpful to conduct a self-assessment. Reflect on your interests, strengths, and career aspirations. What area of management excites you the most? Consider your long-term career goals to determine the right path.

    Research Concentrations

    Familiarize yourself with the available concentrations in Willamette's MBA program. Read about each concentration, its curriculum, and the skills it emphasizes. This research will help you understand the opportunities associated with each area.

    Consult with Advisors

    Seek advice from academic advisors, career counselors, and professors who can provide insights and recommendations. They can help you understand which concentration might be the best fit based on your skills and interests.


    Connect with current MBA students who have chosen the concentration you're interested in. They can provide real-world insights into the program, its benefits, and the career prospects in that field.

    Evaluate Career Opportunities

    Consider the employment opportunities and demand for professionals in your chosen MBA concentration. Some fields may offer more competitive job markets than others. Ensuring that your MBA focus area choice aligns with your career prospects is crucial.

    Long-Term Goals

    Your chosen concentration should align with your long-term career goals. Think about how this specialization will benefit you in the future. Will it make you more marketable and help you achieve your career goals?

Choosing an MBA degree program

Selecting the right MBA concentration is just one aspect of your decision-making process. When choosing a program, you should also consider several other factors.
  • Factors to consider


    Consider what curriculum you want to experience. Willamette offers specialized courses that focus on hands-on learning opportunities.

    Program Reputation

    Research the reputation of the MBA program, and the university itself. A reputable program like Willamette’s can open doors to better job opportunities and networking connections.

    Faculty Expertise

    Investigate the faculty's expertise and experience in your chosen concentration. Experienced and knowledgeable professors can enhance your learning experience.


    Consider the program's location and how it may impact your career goals. Proximity to certain industries or companies might be essential.

    Networking Opportunities

    Look into the networking opportunities the program offers. These connections can be invaluable for your future career.

    Internships and Career Services

    Explore the program's internship opportunities and career services. Practical experience is crucial for building your resume and securing job offers.

    Cost and Financial Aid

    Determine the cost of the program and the availability of financial aid, scholarships, or assistantships. Understanding the financial aspect is vital to your decision-making process.

    Class Size and Cohort Structure

    Consider the class size and cohort structure of the program. Smaller class sizes often lead to more personalized attention and better connections with professors and peers.

    Alumni Network

    Research the alumni network associated with the program. Alumni can provide mentorship, job referrals, and valuable career advice.

    Cultural Fit

    Evaluate whether the program's culture aligns with your personal and professional values. A program that resonates with your values is likely to provide a more fulfilling experience.


    Make sure that relevant organizations accredit the program, which guarantees the quality of your degree. Willamette is uniquely accredited by AACSB and NASPAA.

    Selecting the right MBA specialization is a critical decision that should align with your career aspirations and interests. Willamette's MBA program offers many programs to help students gain an advantage in the job market.

    When choosing an MBA program, consider factors like program reputation, faculty, location, networking opportunities, internships, cost, class size, alumni network, and cultural fit. By assessing these factors, you can make a wise choice that leads to success in your desired career.

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