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Experiential and Consequential Learning

Our suite of hands-on programs and opportunities makes the Early Career & Career Change MBA best in class.

Hands-on learning through our MBA programs

Go beyond the traditional classroom learning environment. Willamette's MBA program blends traditional classroom education with hands-on experience for a better experience and MBA curriculum. As a national leader in experiential education, our students apply their classroom education to real-world issues through case studies, consulting projects, and internships. Our full-time MBA program provides the competitive advantage that students need to succeed in the global job market.

We utilize different teaching approaches to ensure our students build the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to thrive.

Our experiential learning activities

Willamette University emphasizes experiential learning opportunities. You'll develop the skills needed to propel your career, build your professional resume, and develop your network. You'll make real decisions with real money. Your decisions will have an impact on an organization, its community, and the bottom line.

Develop the tools of managerial decision-making. Broaden your network and gain valuable experience that will impact your career path. Our MBA students take advantage of hands-on activities like:

  • PACE (Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises)

    PACE is a required first-year course focused on providing students with real-world professional experience. It provides scenarios for students to lead and succeed in multicultural teams and analyze organizational issues. The PACE program is focused on giving back, as students work with not-for-profit clients within the local community.

    Many students cite PACE as one of the most transformative experiences throughout their MBA degree program. For six months, students will provide consulting services and solve problems for not-for-profit clients.

  • Angel Fund

    The Angel Investment Fund was the first student-run angel investment program in the country. Students who participate in the two-semester program get actual experience in the world of venture capitalism. Students work alongside executives, business leaders, and investors to analyze and invest in opportunities. They will gain actual experience as an investor through evaluating deal flow and performing due diligence.

    On top of real-life investment opportunities, students will work on innovative research. Profits from this program will help fund this experience for future students.

  • Philanthropic Investment for Community Impact

    The Philanthropic Investment for Community Impact is an opportunity for students to experience grant management. During the course, students will manage a micro organization and award real grants to local non-profits. Students will develop the values and goals of the organization, and then develop a process for grant proposals. After that, the class will select proposals to invest real money in and evaluate the performance of that investment.

    For those interested in working within the public sector, this course provides a unique opportunity. Students will have a positive impact on the community and better understand grant management.

  • O'Neill Student Investment Fund

    The O'Neill Student Investment Fund is an opportunity for students to manage a robust portfolio with real money. Students will keep up-to-date with economic, financial, political, and organizational news to manage stocks and traded funds. The class will design an asset allocation model to determine an acceptable risk tolerance.

    Students will learn to utilize real-time access to professional financial information and gain a better understanding of portfolio management through this course.

Join our MBA learning philosophy

Don't just read textbooks, gain real-world experience. Take advantage of all the options available to our graduate students. Experience the benefits of hands-on learning through Willamette's full-time MBA program. Apply to our MBA program today.

The MBA experiential learning difference

Although MBA programs cover a range of topics, not all of them equip students for their professional journey post-graduation. Willamette offers ample opportunities to gain real-world experience. Through hands-on learning courses, students gain relevant experience that stands out in the market. We cater to both early career individuals and those seeking a career change.

Internships are an important part of an education. As a Willamette MBA student, you can take up to three semesters of internships for academic credit. Students also utilize the Career Service Management Center to explore career options and learn how to job search successfully. The Career Center can explore mentorship options, provide network-building opportunities, and even conduct practice interviews with students.

Our MBA program is a great return on investment. That's because we go above the traditional classroom experience. By providing experiential learning activities, students gain the practical knowledge that hiring managers desire.

Utilize opportunities to design your career

While our hands-on learning opportunities offer practical experience, they also help students explore potential career paths. Through our curriculum and experiential learning activities, students gain a better understanding of job functions, industries, and roles that align with their interests.

Students often use their internships to investigate career options or gain greater experience in their field of choice. Many internship opportunities will turn into real offers after the program. 

Willamette's Salem campus is home to the full-time MBA program. We're near industry-leading businesses and Oregon's State Capitol, providing unique opportunities for MBA students.

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