Willamette MBA alumni are pioneers in business. Recently, Businessweek ranked Willamette MBA #9 in the U.S. in the entrepreneurship category and #12 worldwide. At Willamette MBA, entrepreneurship is central to students' overall training, and students find this training useful, whether they go on to start their own businesses or work in large organizations. With this training, Willamette MBA students impress recruiters with their exceptional entrepreneurial skills and drive.

Below are some examples of our alumni who have forged their own career paths and started their own businesses. Please check back regularly as we share more of our alumni’s successes with you.

    Angel fund founders

Willamette MBA, JD/MBA students create Oregon-based angel fund

    WU MBA alum blockchain

Willamette MBA alumni pave the way for the future of blockchain technology

    Carina Comer MBA'15

Carina Comer MBA'15 promotes resiliency by employing people with disabilities at her business

    Colin Schiling '10, MBA'12

Colin Schiling '10, MBA'12 commits to environmental and social sustainability through his business

    Alumni entrepreneur

From studio arts major to sports entrepreneur

    Happy Campers baking company

Recipe for a successful baking company

    Jim Bernau

Former Willamette MBA student and current Atkinson Advisory Board member Jim Bernau has been a part of the booming Oregon wine industry from the beginning

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