This information is a guide to help JD/MBA students plan their MBA curricular path.

JD/MBA students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 48 approved credits of MBA course work: The 48 credits of MBA course work, must include thirty (34) credits of MBA required courses, and a minimum of fourteen (14) credits of MBA Elective course work of which four credits must be an MBA Experiential Elective course.

Specific information about all graduation requirements (including courses, credits, minimum gpa, IKEWS, Management Writing Program, etc.) is available in the student handbook. If you have questions about graduation requirements, curricular path or registration options, contact Alex Subert or Karen Arthur.

During the first two years of the four year program, MBA/JD students complete one academic year in the MBA program and one in the law program. During the third and fourth years of the MBA/JD program, students are concurrently enrolled in the law and MBA program. Generally, third and fourth-year MBA/JD students will take two-thirds of their courses at the College of Law and one-third at the Atkinson School.

MBA Year - Fall Semester: 15 MBA credits

  • GSM 5103: Data Analysis, Modeling & Decision Making
  • GSM 5104: Managing Individuals, Teams and Organizations
  • GSM 5105: Accounting for Managers
  • GSM 5108: PACE I: Practical Application for Careers and Enterprises
  • GSM 5111: Finance and Economics I

MBA Year - Spring Semester: 17 MBA credits

  • GSM 5107: Marketing: Creating Satisfied Consumers
  • GSM 5109: PACE II: Practical Application for Careers and Enterprises
  • GSM 5112: Finance and Economics II
  • GSM 5114: Operations and Systems Management
  • GSM 6___: MBA Elective or Experiential Elective

Year 3 and 4 - Concurrent Enrollment in MBA and Law: a minimum of 14 MBA credits plus Law credits

  • GSM 6121: Politics and Public Policy for Managers
  • GSM 6123: Strategic Management
  • GSM 6___: MBA Elective or Experiential Elective
  • GSM 6___: MBA Elective
  • GSM 6___: MBA Elective

Choosing Your Electives

MBA elective courses provide in-depth knowledge in many functional areas of interest. Use the links below to explore the elective courses recommended for your areas of interest.

Willamette University

Early Career and Career Change MBA

Salem Campus

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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