Resize tool

An image can be resized using the pixel aspect ratio boxes.

Enter your new dimensions.

In the small box, enter the pixel width/height you want the new image to change to. 

Note: In general, the image size should be 500 pixels in width or smaller, depending on the where the image is going to be added.

Enter dimensions

Ratio is fixed.

The chain-link icon indicates that the Width and Height sections are locked so that the aspect ratio is preserved. In other words, if one section is edited, the other automatically is adjusted to maintain the correct proportions.

Fixed Ratio

Click checkbox icon to resize.

Once the new dimensions are entered, click on the checkbox icon to preview this change before submitting.

Click to Resize

Review and Submit to save.

Once the Resize icon has been clicked, the image will re-load to display the new dimensions. Click Submit to save the altered image.

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