The WITS Help Desk is a primary source of technology assistance and information for Willamette staff, faculty, and students. We are regularly staffed by WITS professional staff and student support.

Here at the WITS Help Desk, we welcome your patronage. Our services are here to serve the benefit of the Willamette community at large. Come on by with any computer or technology question you can think of and we'll do our best to answer it. If we cannot directly assist or answer your question, we'll help you find the right person or group inside or outside of WITS to help you.

Windows or Macintosh.

We are Mac and Windows friendly here at the Help Desk. We'll even take a swing at any Linux/Unix questions you may have (although our experience in these OS flavors may be limited).

Got a laptop?

Come on by any time. We will try to help you with just about any problem you have with your computer.

Need help with your desktop?

Give us a call first. Our workspace cannot accommodate multiple desktop computers. We can try to help you over the phone and it's possible to bring the whole thing in, but please don't do this before checking with a Help Desk employee.

Just some of the services we offer:

  • Configuration of systems to utilize the Willamette University network and tools.
  • Help with all kinds of software (too many to list).
  • Internet, email, and University telephone system support.
  • Initial diagnosis of hardware problems.
  • Removal of viruses and malware.
  • Data recovery (in a very limited form).

Ground Rules

Here are some things to expect from your visit to the Willamette University Help Desk:

  • We’re here to help you help yourself. The Help Desk can be a place of learning, so we will do our best to guide you towards a solution, rather than just do the work for you.
  • Be prepared to stay. Sometimes it can take a while to diagnose and solve problems, so be sure you have enough time to devote to the task.
  • Bring your power adapter. Even if you have a full battery, pack your AC adapter along. We do not have spares at the Help Desk and the last thing we want to happen is your computer to run out of juice while we're working on it.
  • We may be busy. We do our best to handle everything on a first-come-first-serve basis. There is a chance that when you show up, we will be helping other people and might not be able to assist you right away.
  • Priority is given to Academic/University business over personal issues.
  • We cannot perform hardware repairs. While we can assist you in determining what may be wrong with your computer, we can not open up your computer and work on any internal components.  We can, however, give you advice and provide tools for you to perform simple hardware upgrades (depending on your make/model of device). Anything beyond the basic user-serviceable or replaceable parts (usually hard drive / battery / memory) is best left to the manufacturer (Dell, Apple, etc) or a trusted repair shop.
  • Many modern laptops have few, if any, removable / replaceable components.  A solid 3+ year warranty is always a good idea.

There is some fine print:

  • If your question is about uncommon or outdated hardware/software we may not have an immediate answer for you.
  • Our priorities are foremost about keeping you and your computer academically capable. Support for non-academically related issues will take a back seat if we get busy.

A few things we cannot help you with:

  • Prohibited network equipment (wireless routers, etc.).
  • Games.
  • Torrents or other non-academic file sharing.
  • System Software Disks. We cannot provide Windows or Macintosh Operating System disks for you to use.
  • Anything illegal, or deemed inappropriate in the eyes of Willamette University. 

Contact the Help Desk

Smullin 118

FA 2021 Hours
8:00AM - 5:30PM 
Call for Classroom Emergencies

Closed on university-recognized holidays

Phone: 503-370-6767
x6767 on campus


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