In Cascade, select your site’s “images” folder.

Locate the images subfolder in your site, hover over it, and then click the right arrow.

Select Images Folder

Go to Add Content › Default

From the top navigation menu (blue menu bar), click Add Content, and then select Default from the drop-down menu.

Add Content

Select File from the next menu.

Add File

Have the file(s) ready to upload

Make sure the new image file(s) are in a visible location, such as the desktop.

Option 1: Drag and drop

Click and hold down the cursor over the file(s) to grab them. Still grabbing the file(s), move/drag them into the 'New File' window and release.

Drag File to Upload

Option 2: Choose the image file(s)

Click the Choose link.

Choose File

Locate your image(s) in the popup window, and select the file(s). Double-click or click the Open button.

Choose Image

Preview the image and alter if needed

Note: When you upload multiple images at the same time, the preview will not show.

If you uploaded a single image, a preview will appear. If the image needs some adjustments, use the Image Editing Tool above the preview image.

Refer to this separate tutorial for in-depth details on how to use the Image Editor.

Image Editing Toolbar

Optional: Rename the image

In the File Name field, the given name of the image will be displayed. If you wish to rename it, click in the text area and enter the new name.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important that the image name retains the file extension (e.g., ".jpg"), if you choose to rename the file. Exclusion of the file extension will result in the image not displaying correctly.

File Name

Save and preview

Click the Save & Preview button to finish uploading your image.

Save And Preview

Submit Draft

The image is automatically saved in draft mode. If it looks good, click the Submit button to save.


Click the Submit button on the pop-up window.


Your new image will now show in the images folder.

Image in Folder

What's the next step?

  • If you wish to make adjustments to your image, click on the Edit tab and use the Image Editing Tool.
  • If the image ready for your page, continue onto the tutorial on how to insert images.
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