Insert an External Link

External links are used when we link to pages or files that are not in Cascade CMS. Mostly, these are pages not on the website.

Note: An external link also needs to be used when linking to the WU Athletics site and the Hatfield Library site.

Before beginning, make sure that the URL is reliable and is not likely to expire or move. Cascade CMS cannot automatically update revised URL paths for external links.

Locate and select the page you wish to add a link to.

Select the Edit icon (top right) or hover over the content you wish to edit and select Edit Content.

Edit Page

In the Content area, select the word or words you wish to turn into a hyperlink.

Select Text

Click the Insert/Edit Link icon on the toolbar.

Insert/Edit Link

The Insert/Edit Link window will now open. You will see two buttons – one for internal links and one for external links. Select the External button.

External Link

In the Link area, type in or paste the external URL.

Note: Make sure that http://” or “https://” is included at the beginning.

Insert Link Source

In the Target drop-down menu, select New Window.

Note: This will open a new tab on the user’s browser when the link is clicked.

Select Target

Click the OK button.


The window will close, and a link will be placed on the selected word(s). The text will be light blue and will show an underline when your mouse hovers over it.

Created Link

Submit your changes

Click the Preview Draft button at the top of the page.

Preview Draft

Review the page. If everything looks good, click the Submit button at the top of the page.


Review or enter comments about what you changed (optional), and click the Check Content & Submit button.

Check Content and Submit

If the Spell Check window opens, choose to fix or ignore misspelled words, then click the button with the checkmark (top right corner).

Submit Draft

The link has now been added.

Note: The link will not appear on the live web site until the page is Published.

Learn more about publishing.

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