Locate and select the page you wish to add the file link to, and click the Edit button.

Edit Page

In the Page Content area, select the word or words you wish to link to the file.

The text that will link to the file should also display the file extension. This indicates to outsider users that the link is a file download and what type of software they need in order to open it.

Select Text

Click the insert link icon on the toolbar.

Link Button

Search for your file.

In the pop-up window that appears, leave the link type set as Internal and click on the Choose File, Page or Link button. 

Choose File

Select the file from your history

A side menu will appear with your recently opened files. If the file was recently uploaded or viewed, it should be listed in your history and can be selected.

Select File

Browse for the file

If the file is not in the recent files list, click Browse to find the file.

Browse for Files

In the system tree, locate and select the file you wish to create a link to. Then, click Choose.

Select File

Insert the Link

After locating and selecting the file, the link's path will be displayed. Click the Ok button to link to the file.

File path


The window will close, and the hyperlink to your document will be placed around the selected words.

Linking to multiple files

In some cases, we recommend uploading and linking to multiple filetypes of the same document. This is helpful for outside users who have limited software and may only be able to open one file type (such as pdfs).



Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save.

Check Content and Submit

The link has now been added.

Reminder: The link will not appear on the web site until the page is Published.

Learn more about publishing.

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