In the upper blue navigation, select the whirlwind icon.
Open Menu

In the drop-down menu, select the Publisher tab and click on "Active Jobs"
Active Jobs

A queue will appear that shows what assets are currently publishing.
Active Jobs in Queue

Depending on if other users are also publishing, an asset may be on a waiting list to publish.
Queued Jobs

The "Name" section displays the asset being published.
Name of Job

The "Who" section indicates what user has sent in the asset to be published.

The " Insert" section displays the time that the asset was sent in to be published.
Date Inserted

The "Started" section displays the time that the asset started publishing.
Date Started

If there is a Current Job being published,  you can observe the progress of the publish in the area titled "% Done".
Percent Done

If there is nothing listed under the "Current Jobs" section, then the publish has already gone through.
No jobs

You can confirm this by going to the live url and refreshing the page.

Note: on some browsers, the History needs to be cleared in order to see the updates.

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