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The collapsible groups provide an easier way to skim through data and hide information that is not relevant while editing the page.

Keep in mind that this tool is used simply for easier viewing in the editor, and does not affect the page's published look in any way.

For this demonstration, the page type is FAQ, and the groups consist of a Header and FAQ group Items.

Header Title

There are 8 groups listed here, the first group reads as (1/8) or 1 out of 8 groups. Since there are a lot of groups created (in this example, FAQ items), collapsing the ones already created will make it faster to scroll down to the newest group or groups created.
Number of Items

To the left of the group's title, there is a downward arrow. Hovering over this arrow indicates that the group is capable of being hidden. To hide it, click on the arrow.
Collapse Drawer

The first group item on the list is now hidden (Notice how the arrow is now pointing right to indicate this). The next group item is open and displayed as (2/8), 2 out of 8 group items.
Collapsed Drawer

Collapsing the groups is instantaneous and is a quick way to view the group you want to focus on. In this case, all group items have been hidden except for the last one (8/8).
List of Collapsed Drawers

After the page is submitted, the group's viewing settings will revert back to the default when the page is edited again. So, collapsing the groups is a temporary setting just while editing.
Example Item

Be sure not to confuse the group hide arrow with the group order arrows, which are used to move a group item up or down the list.
Reorder Items
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