The History tool

The history tool is a useful resource that can save time when navigating in WebEdit. The tool keeps track of folders, pages and files you have recently visited. If you need to backtrack to a location, rather than finding it in the left navigation in WebEdit, the history tool has it saved for easy selection.

1. To access the history, select the "History" button at the top navigation.
History Tab

2. A window in the right section will appear with the title "History".
History Window

3. Underneath the title "History" will be a section called "Items" listing recently visited locations.
Items in History

4. Click on the desired location link on the list to return to it.
File Path

5. After clicking on the link, the history tool will bring you back to the selected location.
Note: You can confirm this by checking your current position in the system asset tree (in the far left navigation) or by checking the system URL at the top of the page.
Page Path
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