Declaring a Biology Major is a fantastic choice and it's very simple!

1. Print and fill out the Major or Minor Declaration Form

Major Declaration Form (pdf)

Minor Declaration Form (pdf)

2. Take your completed form to Professor Craig for his signature.

Professor Craig can approve your declaration. Find him in Olin Science Center 208.

3. Photograph the moment.

Often, biology majors are so excited to have declared they sometimes wake up and think it was all a wonderful dream. To prevent this from happening to you, you will be asked to take a photograph as proof. To view our past and current majors check out our flickr site.

We also like to introduce new Biology Majors at the Biology Club Meetings!

4. Submit the form.

Turn your completed form in at the registrar's office.

5. Request lab access.

If you don't already have 24/7 access to Olin, or need additional after hours access to key-pad guarded lab spaces, visit Mary Martin in Olin 202.

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