PowerPoint poster design tips

PowerPoint is a good tool for designing your poster. WITS Graphic Design will print your poster in a timely fashion with Eco-friendly materials at a reduced cost. It usually takes a few hours to print your poster but it is best to start the printing process a few days before you need your poster.

A few tips about layout and the design of your poster:

  • Consider the reader of the poster
  • Dark backgrounds with black text are hard to read
  • Light backgrounds with light text are hard to read
  • Be consistent with your font styling
  • Complete the entire poster on a single platform. Switching from PC to Mac or Mac to PC invites disaster

Some useful web sites

Some helpful PowerPoint templates

Here are a few guidelines to ensure that your poster can be printed error free and in a timely basis:

  • Use the Symbol Font when creating scientific symbols
  • Do not place Text or graphics off the edge of the poster
  • Use standard fonts (Times New Roman, Ariel, Helvetica, and Times)
  • Scale all graphics to print size before inserting them into a Power Point, such as...
    • Excel Charts
    • ChemDraw graphics
    • JPEGs
    • TIFFs
To print your poster create a Service Request and upload a PDF or PowerPoint File.

Please include the following with your poster submission:

  • Contact info (name, email, and phone number)
  • Date Desired
  • Payment Terms
    • Personal Payment (cash or personal check only)
    • Departmental Account number
Please note: Poster cannot be released until payment terms are met

If you have questions on layout or problems creating a PowerPoint or PDF file, please feel free to contact me.

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