Indicators of Achievement

The Student Learning Outcomes for Civic Communication and Media Major:

  1. Pose and develop answers to significant, manageable, relevant questions about civic communication and media.
  2. Identify, synthesize and evaluate relevant scholarship related to significant questions about civic communication and media. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of methods of inquiry in rhetoric relative to other liberal arts.
  3. Become familiar with prominent competing theories of rhetoric, and the reciprocal influence of media and public culture upon one another.
  4. Become familiar with historically significant uses of civic communication and media to address controversies, to constitute communities, and to effect change in public culture.
  5. Make cogent critical arguments that demonstrate understanding of methods of inquiry in rhetoric, and that contribute to ongoing conversations about civic communication and media.
  6. Make public arguments in multiple modes of communication, including writing and speech. Adapt theories of rhetoric to practices of civic communication and media.
Willamette University

Civic Communication and Media

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Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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