When I first started taking Chinese, it was only because it was the closest thing to Japanese my community college had to offer. But, I never, ever, imagined that I would become so close to the culture and language that it would become my major three years later.

I suppose I was drawn to Chinese because it was so different from anything I’d experienced or tried before. Even after four years of studying, I love the excitement of learning new words and cultural ideas both inside and outside of the classroom. I look for as many opportunities as I can to improve my language and knowledge of China, even if I will never fully appreciate the language’s nuances and finesse. It is through knowing this learning is lifelong that keeps me moving forward, because learning is something I have and always will cherish. If I can help even one person with this knowledge and language ability, then I will feel all the more accomplished.
Of course, to me Chinese is very, very fun.

Euchari Majors, a Chinese Studies student at Willamette University
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