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Lou Goble

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, 1986-2008
Specialties: Symbolic Logic, Ancient Philosophy

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Professor Goble's interests include philosophical logic/symbolic logic, the philosophies of language, mind, and science, epistemology, and the history of philosophy.

Before coming to Willamette in 1986, he taught at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

The editor of The Blackwell Guide to Philosophical Logic (2001), he has also published numerous scholarly papers and a fantasy novel inspired by Estonian mythology, The Kalevide (Bantam Books, 1982).

Lou Goble was awarded with a Faculty Achievement Award for Scholarship in 2003 and with the Lawrence Cress Award for Excellence in Faculty Scholarship in 2005. He retired from teaching in 2008.


  • B.A., Oberlin College
  • M.A., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh


edited books:
  • Goble, Lou and Meyer, John-Jules Ch., eds. (2006). "Deontic Logic and Artificial Normative Systems," 8th International Workshop on Deontic Logic in Computer Science, DEON 2006, Utrecht, The Netherlands, July 12-14, 2006, Proceedings. Berlin & New York: Springer (ISBN-13: 978-3540358428).
  • Lou Goble, ed. (2001). The Blackwell Guide to Philosophical Logic. Oxford: Blackwell (ISBN-13: 978-0631206934).

articles and book chapters:

  • Goble, Lou and Meyer, John-Jules Ch. (2008). "Editorial." Journal of Applied Logic 6(2): 133-134.
  • Goble, Lou (2007). "Combinatory Logic and the Semantics of Substructural Logics." Studia Logica 85(2): 171-197.
  • Goble, Lou (2005). "A logic for deontic dilemmas." Journal of Applied Logic 3(3-4): 461-483.
  • Goble, Lou (2005). "Neighborhoods for Entailment." Journal of Philosophical Logic 32(5): 483-529.
  • Lockhorst, Gert Jan C. and Goble, Lou (2004). "Mally's Deontic Logic." Grazer Philosophische Studien 64: 37-57.
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  • Goble, Lou (2003). "Preference Semantics for Deontic Logic Part I – Simple Models." Logique et Analyse 46: 383-418.
  • Goble, Lou (2001). "The Andersonian reduction and relevant deontic logic," in: Brown, Bryson and Woods, John, eds., New Studies in Exact Philosophy: Logic, Mathematics, and Science – Proceedings of the 1999 Conference of the Society of Exact Philosophy. Paris: Hermes Science Publications, 213-246.
  • Goble, Lou (2000). "Multiplex Semantics for Deontic Logic." Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic 5(2): 113-134.
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  • Goble, Lou (1998). "Re-Evaluating Supervaluations." Protosociology 11: 66-92.
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  • Goble, Lou (1973). "A New Modal Model." Logique et Analyse 16: 301-309.
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