Indicators of Achievement

The department expects that graduating Classical Studies Majors (and, to a lesser extent, also Classical Studies Minors) show evidence of the following five learning outcomes.

Student Learning Outcomes for the Classical Studies Major

  1. Demonstrate a critically informed understanding of the various cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world, including primarily Greek, Roman, and/or Near Eastern civilizations
    • Knowledge of the history and culture of ancient Greece, Rome, and/or the Near East.
    • The ability to explain the cultural, historical, and literary context of an ancient text or artifact
    • The competence to evaluate the validity of a scholarly thesis about the ancient world based on one’s knowledge of the primary texts, the history, and the material culture of the ancient Mediterranean
  2. Demonstrate intermediate to advanced reading ability in one of the two ancient languages we teach (Latin and Ancient Greek) and beginning intermediate skills in another ancient language
    • Knowledge of the morphology and syntax of two ancient languages. (Latin and Greek).
    • The ability to translate intermediate to advanced texts in two ancient languages.
    • The ability to interpret ancient texts with regard to their content, style, and genre.
  3. Apply research skills and show familiarity with philological, historical, and archaeological approaches to the study of the ancient world
    • The competence to frame and pursue a research question.
    • Knowledge of different philological, historical, and archaeological approaches to the study of the ancient world.
    • The ability to identify and evaluate relevant primary and secondary sources.
  4. Demonstrate evidence of critical thinking skills
    • The ability to synthesize knowledge.
    • The ability to think critically, weigh arguments, and reach conclusions that go beyond merely summarizing the current state of research.
  5. Demonstrate discipline-based and interdisciplinary writing and presentation skills
    • The ability to write persuasively, following scholarly conventions.
    • Effective presentation and oral communication skills.
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