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Letters of Recommendation

Requesting a letter of recommendation from our Faculty

Do you need a letter of recommendation from one of the members of our faculty? Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Consider which faculty member would write the most appropriate letter. Note that it is typical to request letters of recommendation from professors from whom you have taken at least one class, in which you received a grade of B or higher.
  • Formally request a recommendation from that professor at least one month in advance. This can be done through e-mail or in person.
  • Once the professor has accepted your request, follow up with more information.

Your follow up e-mail should include details about the opportunity you are interested in, the classes you have taken from the professor, and school documents. These are detailed below, as applicable.

Program information:

  • Name of affiliated school or organization
  • Name of program, type of program or position, and short description
  • The names of professors there you are interested in studying with
  • The subject areas or topics that you plan to pursue there
  • Potential future career paths
  • Relevant website links
  • Due dates of recommendations and applications
  • Directions for sending recommendations
  • Any other relevant information

Class information:

  • Classes you have taken from the professor who is writing the recommendation
  • What year you took these classes
  • Significant projects or assignments you accomplished
  • Grades you received in classes and on specific projects

Relevant documents:

  • An unofficial scan of your college transcript
  • A draft of your application or personal statement (word or pdf file)
  • A copy of your resume

Additionally, feel free to send reminders to the professors if the deadline is approaching and the letter is still missing

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