Requirements for the Economics Major (Bachelor of Arts) (32 semester hours)

32 semester hours in Economics

Three elective courses in Economics or from approved list of electives outside of Economics (12 semester hours)

(No more than one elective at the 100-level, and at least one elective must be at the 400-level. The 400-level elective cannot be satisfied by ECON 498W)

Approved list of electives outside of Economics:

The Economics major is structured to progressively build the skills and tools of economic analysis. Students in the major begin with ECON 132 Introduction to Economic Inquiry, which introduces students to the discipline and lays the foundation for subsequent study. ECON 230 Economic Statistics can be taken concurrent with or subsequent to the Inquiry course. Students must complete Economic Statistics and the theory courses (ECON 363 Microeconomic Theory and ECON 364 Macroeconomic Theory) prior to enrolling in ECON 493W Capstone in Economic Inquiry.

Requirements for the Economics Minor (20 semester hours)

  • ECON 132 Introduction to Economic Inquiry (4)
  • ECON 363 Microeconomic Theory (4) or
  • ECON 364 Macroeconomic Theory (4)
  • Three other courses in Economics or from the following list (12)
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