Instructions for presenters

Please keep in mind that the NWBS audience comes from a variety of disciplines – engineering, biological sciences, kinesiology/exercise science, etc., so be sure to provide the context and broader perspective of your work, and remember to explain any terminology or concepts that are very specific to your field.

Podium presenter instructions

Presentations will be live; there will be no pre-recorded presentations. Please plan on a 7-8-minute presentation, followed by 4-5 minutes for questions, for a total of 12 minutes per presenter. Your moderator will provide a verbal warning at the 7-minute mark, indicating that you have 1 minute remaining in your presentation period. Presentations will begin every 13 minutes of the podium sessions. You are expected to attend the entire session if you are able. The Zoom link will be posted in the Detailed Program page, visible after you register for the conference.

Please join the Zoom session early to confirm that you are present and to confirm the pronunciation of your name. When you join the Zoom session for your podium presentation, please change your display name to include your presentation order. Example, if the first presenter’s name is Kamala Harris, then when she enters the Zoom room, she should change her name to 1 - Kamala Harris; if the 2nd presenter’s name is Clark Kent, then he should change his name to 2 - Clark Kent, etc.

Just prior to your presentation time, your Zoom status will be changed to ‘co-host’ so that you can share your screen for your presentation. Please have your presentation ready in whichever presentation software you wish to use, and share your screen to enable viewers to see your presentation. Be sure to only share the window of your presentation in presentation mode, and not the entire screen, otherwise viewers can see other admin functions. If you have videos or sound to share, be sure to click on the ‘Share computer sound’ box when you share your screen in Zoom.

Podium presenters may join a practice session with our conference hosts at 8:30 am on each morning of the conference (Thursday or Friday) in order to practice sharing their screen during the Zoom session. Join the practice Zoom session from 8:30 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. on Thursday or Friday.

Poster presenter instructions

Poster presentations will be held live online in a virtual conference hall called Gather Town. Poster presenters must prepare their poster as specified in the Poster Format Guidelines below, and submit this electronic poster file using the “Submit Poster Files” link at the bottom of this page. Your poster will be loaded into the Gather Town virtual conference hall by our conference organizing committee. The virtual poster halls will be available for two hours after the poster session start time. The general methods for interacting in the Gather Town environment are described on the Program page

Poster presenters are asked to position their avatar at their own poster during their assigned time: Odd numbered posters will present during the first 45 minutes of the poster session, and Even numbered posters will present during the last 45 minutes of the poster session. Your poster number will be visible in the Detailed Program page after registering for the conference.

Poster Format Guidelines

Please adhere to these requirements so the viewers can read your poster on their computer screen within the Gather Town space. Posters will be loaded as ‘Objects’ in the Gather Town space, as specified at this page.

  • Required content: The title, list of authors, and author affiliations should appear across the top portion of the poster. The title and content of the poster must match the abstract that was accepted for this conference.
  • File type: .png, .jpeg, or .webp
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Dimensions: At least 1000 pixels (13.88 inches) in width, at least 600 (8.33 inches) pixels in height, with a recommended DPI of 72. Your poster image file will be loaded to a Gather Town iframe, which will enlarge it to fit the space.
  • Color: Be aware that any transparent backgrounds in your image file will be filled with a black background.
  • Maximum File Size: 3 MB

During your poster presentation, you—and your viewers—can use ‘Presenter Mode’ to make a transient mark on the poster to indicate a section you are discussing.

Poster presenters: Submit your poster files before 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. Include your poster number (visible in the detailed program after you register) and your last name in the file name.

Submit poster files

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