The Willamette University Exercise Science Student Executive Board will act as governing body for Exercise and Health Science majors and serve as liaison between the students and faculty of the Department.


  • To promote communication and curricular understanding
  • To enhance departmental growth
  • To provide policy and procedure recommendation
  • To convey information between faculty and students
  • To advise faculty

Contact Information

You may email the Executive Board as a group, or directly to any of the Board members. exsciexecutive@willamette.edu (group email). 

Clara Mattison crmattison@willamette.edu

Joleigh Miller jtmiller@willamette.edu

Braeden Glaser brglaser@willamette.edu

Jeff Hoffman jahoffman@willamette.edu 

Krisna LaFrance  kalafrance@willamette.edu


  • Nominations are held in April. Elections are held in May.
  • Any student who is a declared EXSCI Major or who intends to declare as an EXSCI major can run for the Board.
  • Any student who is currently enrolled in an Exercise Science Theory course may take place in nominations and elections.
  • Students who are elected to the Board must be Declared ExSci Majors by the August following Elections.
  • The Executive Board Advisor is Professor Michael Lockard.


  • The Executive Board organizes the Career Colloquium program. This program seeks to invite professionals from careers related to Exercise Science to speak with students about areas of active research or innovation, as well as discuss opportunities and responsibilities within their professions.
  • The Executive Board organizes department social events for Exercise Science Majors and students considering becoming ExSci Majors.
  • The Executive Board designs and sells t-shirts that promote Exercise Science. T-shirts are sold at near-cost.
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