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Thank you for your interest in joining the Human Anatomy peer tutor team. We are excited to learn more about you and your potential commitment to this challenging and rewarding program. As an anatomy peer tutor you will be responsible for helping out in weekly laboratory sections (2 hours), holding review hours, performing specialized dissections to uncover specific anatomic structures       (1-2 hours) and attend weekly meetings with the professor as well as your peers in the tutor team   (1-2 hours).

For those interested but unsure of the time commitment, let us briefly explain our weekly schedule. Every week we host three sections of Anatomy laboratory (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; from   7 p.m – 9 p.m.) which require two peer tutors to attend at each section. Laboratory sessions are approximately two hours long. Each Thursday we host a practical examination which will require a single tutor to attend each hour. In addition, starting sometime in the early semester, we will begin hosting review sessions on Sunday afternoons.

Dissection schedule: although we don’t have a specific schedule for dissections yet, you can expect to spend several hours (especially early on in the semester) performing specific dissections under the guidance of your peers as well as the professor. Here you will learn the art of Anatomic dissection, specific techniques to dissection, safe practice with dissection, and much more!

Weekly meetings: Each week you can expect to meet with the professor and your peers to discuss general Laboratory business (how dissections are going etc). You will also be a part of grading laboratory practical examinations with the group. Additionally, we meet once per week to review anatomic structures to be reviewed the following week. During this advanced review, we will be working as a team to review the relevant structures as well as “fun-facts” and advanced concepts in Anatomy. It is also possible that during some of these review sessions we will perform advanced dissections and examine structures outside of the scope of the 246 class, so if you’re interested in learning more Anatomy, this is the place to be!

If you are still interested in joining this extraordinary team of Anatomists we ask that you print the Anatomy Peer Tutor Application and submit the application directly to Assistant Professor Ettinger (Collins 406).

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