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Michael Marks

Professor Emeritus

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Cornell University, MA, PhD

Stanford University, BA


Michael Marks received his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations in 1985 from Stanford University. He received his MA and PhD in Government from Cornell University in 1990 and 1993, respectively. Prof Marks is the author of four books including Metaphors in International Relations Theory and most recently Revisiting Metaphors in International Relations Theory. Prof. Marks' current research and writing interests include the use of metaphors in international relations theory, pedagogical techniques, and the role of the media in politics. Prof. Marks teaches in the area of international relations and comparative politics at Willamette.


Areas of research include international relations, political discourse, and metaphors in international relations theory.


International Politics

Comparative Democratic Systems

Political Metaphors

American Foreign Policy

International Security and Cooperation


Revisiting Metaphors in International Relations Theory (Palgrave Macmillan 2018).

Metaphors in International Relations Theory Palgrave 2011Metaphors in International Relations Theory

Description:An analysis of the language of metaphor in international relations theory, this book offers a comprehensive study of metaphors as they are employed by scholars of world affairs. Most of the major schools of thought in international relations theory are based on implicit or explicit metaphorical views. Metaphors in international relations theory do far more than simply supply evocative imagery to explanatory frameworks. Instead, the major paradigms that are used to analyze international relations are built on metaphorical imagery that provide the very theoretical propositions these paradigms use to hypothesize and make predictions about international affairs.

The Prison as Metaphor: Re-Imagining International Relations (Peter Lang, 2004).

The Formation of European Policy in Post-Franco Spain: The Role of Ideas, Interests and Knowledge, (Avebury, 1997).

Willamette University

International Studies

Willamette University
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