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Principles of Transformative Justice

  1. Belief in the potential for human growth and development. No one is expendable, certainly not whole populations—the poor Americans and people of color who are over-represented in prison.
  2. Justice requires accountability. Offenders must understand the harms that are generated when someone commits violence and/or a crime.
  3. Community involvement facilitates both belonging and accountability for survivors and offenders.
  4. Healing requires opportunities to make amends for people who have committed harms and opportunities to have a voice for those who have survived violence.
  5. Systems of racial, gender and economic oppression must be dismantled for all of us to experience justice.
Headshot of Brandon  Southward

Brandon Southward

Youth with Incarcerated Parents Program Director

Salem Campus
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Kat Thornton

Student Resource Specialist

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Willamette University

Department of Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics

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