Youth with Incarcerated Parents Project

Launched in January 2022, YIPP supports Oregon youth ages 12-24 who have experienced parental incarceration through group meetings, workshops, creative projects, outings, and events. Participants find peer support and develop leadership skills by initiating projects and advocacy campaigns. YIPP is led by a youth leadership council that develops the program’s direction, services, and events.  YIPP’s youth-led community organizing strategy has been found to increase well-being, personal empowerment, and academic success.  

For more information and referrals, please contact Nicole Lindahl-Ruiz, YIPP Program Director, at


The YIPP Leadership Council’s first project focused on identifying a set of resources - including local and national organizations, high-quality media, and academic and policy articles - to support Oregon youth with incarcerated parents, their caregivers, family members, and advocates.  

Download the YIPP Referral Organizations and Resources Guide for a full list of resources.    

Click the links below for lists of specialized support and information: 

Programs & Support Services
Youth Programs
Support for Incarcerated Parents, Caregivers, and Family Members

Short Films & Videos
Books for Children & Young Adults

Academic & Policy Resources
Scope & Impact of Parental Incarceration 
For Professionals Serving Vulnerable Youth Populations
On Youth-Led Organizing Strategies 

YIPP is funded by the Oregon Department of Education’s Youth Development Division. 

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