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The Bike More Challenge is a great way to stay healthy and support active transportation in your community.

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The Bike More Challenge is a fun way for all Bearcats to compete as a team for the month of June. It’s not just about who can ride the most miles to work or around town, but also who can be most encouraging of others. Even if you only ride around your neighborhood, with your kids, or to the store and back, your participation counts!

In previous years we have finished first in the Salem-Keizer league, finished top 5 among Oregon universities and colleges, and one team member rode more days than any other in OR! 

Join Now!

  1. Register at the Bike More Challenge website and join the Willamette University team
  2. Ride a bike anywhere, anytime
  3. Record your ride on the website and tell other Bearcats about the challenge

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please review the Bike More Challenge FAQs.

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