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Addresses the complex nature of environmental, economic and social sustainability from a variety of perspectives.

Because environmental and social systems are interconnected, issues like climate change, pollution, sustainable development, ecosystem health, and racial and economic inequality can't be studied in isolation.

As a sustainability student at Willamette, you'll learn how to address large-scale problems using a wide range of tools and approaches. You can peer through a spotting scope to observe wildlife on campus, use a mass spectrometer to evaluate the water quality of local rivers or fly drones to map our forest property at Zena.

No matter which path you pursue, you'll emerge with a deep understanding of the challenges that face current and future generations. And you'll develop personal and professional values that will be a source of inspiration and strength throughout your career and life. 

Featured Alumni


Liz gill '17

  • Interned at the Sustainability Institute, led Take A Break trips and was a scholarship-funded fellow for environmental advocate Oregon Climate
  • Former president and council member of the Associated Students of Willamette University
  • Earned master’s degree at the University of Oxford after graduating

Lettajoe Gallup '15, MBA'16

  • Landed corporate job months before graduating
  • For her senior thesis, she developed energy alternatives for the athletics department by measuring the greenhouse gases and electricity it used
  • Helped a San Francisco hotel chain swap out fluorescent light bulbs with LED ones to “green” its buildings
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