Academic Attendance and Expectations

A typical course of study at Willamette includes four credits per semester. A student may register for up to 4.5 credits without extra charge and is considered a full time student if registered for a minimum of 3.0 credits. Students are considered to be in good standing relative to their academic achievement if they maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 (C), and a grade point average in their declared major of at least 2.00 (C ). Courses completed in fulfillment of the General Education requirements must be completed with a minimum grade of C-. Academic dishonesty, general plagiarism or cheating, is considered to be serious and may constitute grounds for dismissal.

Instructors set specific attendance standards for their classes, but irregular attendance may be reflected in grades earned.

Missed Classes for Illness

There are occasions when a student feels too ill to attend class. If it is a malady that extends beyond one day, students are advised to visit the Bishop Wellness Center for diagnosis and treatment. It is a courtesy to e-mail or leave a voice mail with the professor that you will not be in attendance that day due to illness.

Withdrawing and/or Failing a Class

Drop is a term to indicate a student has dropped a class and it doesn't show on the transcript. Thereafter, withdrawal is the term used to discontinue a class and it does show up on the transcript as a "W".

Students may drop a class within 10 days of the first day of class and it does not show on their transcript. After that date, there is a period of time each semester in which students may withdraw from a class and the grade "W" will be recorded on the transcript. Once the official last day for withdrawal has passed, petitions to the Academic Status Committee for late withdrawals may be submitted only for extenuating circumstances.

If a student is missing too many classes or gets behind in the class work, it is sometimes better to withdraw than have a failing grade on the transcript. The official day to withdraw from a class is printed in the Course Schedule and the Student Handbook.

It is important that changes in schedule are reviewed with the Academic Advisor and/or Registrar's Office as too many changes may delay the graduation date.

For more information see CLA Graduation Requirements.