Medical Withdrawal and Medical Incomplete Options

If students are unable to complete requirements for a specific course or for their entire semester program due to previously documented or emergent concerns with their physical or mental health, they may petition the Academic Status Committee for a grade of Medical Withdrawal. The student may petition for a grade of Medical Incomplete when health status warrants the granting of an extension. Requests for an incomplete should be carefully reviewed with faculty teaching the course to determine whether the student's plan to complete the course within the expected time frame is realistic. It is recognized that medical or mental health situations may present as urgent, but students are required to attend class whenever possible until the Committee officially grants their request. If a student fails to withdraw or if the petition is denied, the grade in any course which is discontinued becomes an F. In select cases the petition can be done from off campus, e.g., if a student has been hospitalized or sent home for treatment of the condition. It is strongly advised that all petitions be filed within the time frame of the semester for which the request is made. Petitions filed after the end of the semester will generally not be granted but will be considered on a case by case basis in accordance with the documentation provided by the student.

Students who have a documented disability need to register with the Disability Service office in Bishop Wellness Center. Individuals with temporary medical crisis may also receive support from this office. The Director of Disabilities will liaison with faculty, Associate Dean's office or any other office to assist the student with alternatives that may preclude withdrawal.

Petition forms are available in the Registrar's Office. The Registrar can answer other questions about the situations noted above as well as other options, including leave of absence requests.