FileZilla for Windows

Downloading FileZilla

Go to the FileZilla home site: and click on the download button.

Installing FileZilla

Once the download is complete, double-click on the .exe file. After responding to the usual License agreements, you will be presented with the an installation options screen, that lets you choose whether to install Filezilla for all users of the computer or just for you...

...and also a screen that lets you choose what components to install.


The FileZilla Interface

Important components of the FileZilla window are:

  • Menu Bar: File>Site Manager and Server>Disconnect
  • Icon Bar: Site Manager (first icon on the left) and Disconnect (large red X)
  • Status Pane: information about your connection
  • Local Site/Remote Site: Directory pane on top; file listing pane below
  • Transfer Pane: information about individual file transfers

Connecting to NetFiles

To connect to NetFiles, click on the Site Manager, which is the first icon on the left:

Site Manager Icon

In the Site Manager window:

  • Click on New Site; enter a name for this site
  • In the Host box, type:
  • In the Protocol box, select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • In the Logon Type box, select "Ask for password" (recommended) or "Normal"
  • If you selected "Normal," type your password in the Password box
  • Click the "Connect" button
  • If you selected the "Ask for Password" option, you will be prompted to enter your password.

Viewing Files on NetFiles

Once you have connected to NetFiles, the FileZilla window will contain a listing of all the files you have stored on the server in the right-hand Directory pane.  Any existing folders may contain a '?' when you first connect; clicking on the folder name will display the contents of the folder and remove the '?'.

Navigate using the Directory view in the "Remote site" pane or by clicking on folder names in the file viewer pane.  The folder icon followed by 2 dots at the top of the file listing will move you up one level in your folder hierarchy.


Transferring Files

Drag and drop files to/from the Local and Remote file listing panes in the FileZilla to upload files to NetFiles or download files to the local computer.

Disconnecting from NetFiles

To disconnect from NetFiles, click the icon with the large red 'X' or select Server>Disconnect from the Menu bar.


Need More Help?

You can find help on the Filezilla help pages at: or contact the WITS Help Desk at 503-370-6767.