Arts, Technology and Multimedia

We are in an age where multimedia is pervasive. We use it to relax and to research. We use it to interpret the world and to communicate. We use it as artists. Drawing from courses in the Departments of Art & Art History, Computer Science, English, Cinema Studies, Music, Philosophy, Sociology, and Theatre, the minor in Arts, Technology and Multimedia offers students a flexible arts-focused exploration of the creative processes, digital resources, and collaborative strategies used in creating sound and visual elements for multimedia and intermedia works. Through creative engagement and critical examination students will develop technique, conceptual and aesthetic sensitivity, and the ability to produce and critically evaluate multimedia and intermedia works from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Collaborative projects between courses will serve as a central unifying element in the minor. Close attention will be paid to the expressive potential of and issues related to each media element as well as to the interaction of all elements.

Requirements for the Arts, Technology And Multimedia Minor (20 semester hours)

  • At least four courses focused on use of technology in creating artistic works (starred).
  • Two starred courses from one departmental area. At least one must be at or above the 300 level.
  • One course from each of 2 other departmental areas
  • One additional course
  • No more than 2 courses may be in a single department.

Department Areas and Courses

Note: All courses listed below are 4 semester hours unless otherwise specified.

Art & Art History

Cinema Studies

  • CINE 110 Introduction to Cinema Studies

Civic Communication and Media

  • CCM 261 Media, Technology, and Society

Computer Science

  • CS 145 Images and Imagination*
  • CS 445 Computer Graphics*
  • IDS 252 3D Animation*
  • IDS 352 Advanced 3D Animation*


  • MUSC 121 Creating Music with Technology*
  • MUSC 133 Music Theory II (2) and
  • MUSC 339 Digital Music Techniques (4)*
  • MUSC 425 Advanced Digital Music Production*



A total of no more than 4 semester hours from:

  • THTR 010X Theatre Practicum (1-4) and/or
  • THTR 011X Theatre Practicum - Atypical Performance (1-4)

Additional course(s) from the following:

  • THTR 110 Introduction to Theatre: The Act of Creating
  • THTR 145 Acting for Non-majors
  • THTR 356 Fundamentals of Stage Lighting*
  • THTR 357 Scene Design/Production Studio I*

Course Listings

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