World Engagement

The World Engagement component ensures that students interact with diverse ideas, perspectives, and/or experiences representative of global cultures and societies as part of their course of study. World Engagement components consist of a specified language requirement and eight credits in World Engagement electives.

  1. Non-English Language (NEL) (8 credits) -- Demonstrated proficiency through the 132 course level in a non-English language of the student's choosing. Students who place at a 231 level or higher via a placement test and who pass a proficiency test administered by a language department will have this eight-credit requirement waived.
  2. World Engagement Electives -- In addition to meeting the NEL requirement, students must earn at least 8 additional credits from some combination of the following WE electives*:
    1. NEL study beyond the 132-level
    2. Study Abroad
    3. Community-Engaged Learning (CEL)
    4. Culture and Values (CV)

*Each of these requirements must be satisfied by a different distinct course. Courses used to satisfy the Distribution requirements may not also be used to satisfy the World Engagement requirement.

In order to satisfy the General Education requirements for graduation, students must earn a grade of C- or higher in at least 8 credits of World Engagement coursework.

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