Academic Centers

Center for Asian Studies

The Center for Asian Studies at Willamette University integrates and develops the Asian and Asian American resources on campus with respect to region-based research and scholarship, curriculum innovation, and co-curricular programming. The Center creates cross-campus and inter-disciplinary opportunities for faculty development, student-faculty collaboration and community outreach, serving as a locus for regional, national, and international collaboration between academic and community organizations. We define "Asian" broadly to include all parts of Asia, the Pacific islands, and Asian diasporas.

Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology

Archaeological discoveries of the past century have extended our knowledge of the ancient world back several thousand years and have provided material and graphic artifacts of the roots of the great civilizations of antiquity. These discoveries have also provided physical evidence about the level of cultures known from literary works since the beginning of history. As a result, ancient studies and archaeology provide a foundation and rich resource for many of the disciplines in the University. Not surprisingly, ancient studies is one of the fastest growing fields in the humanities. The Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology supports research, teaching, and the public dissemination of the almost-daily new discoveries from the ancient world. It co-sponsors a monthly lecture series by noted archaeologists from the Archaeological Institute of America, an annual undergraduate conference for Classics students and faculty in the Northwest, student fellowship for archaeological field projects, internships and exhibits at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, and awards for faculty and student research projects and publications. It is also planning an annual lectureship in ancient studies by a distinguished scholar, as well as regular symposia and workshops for faculty development and the enrichment of the curricula of contributing departments.

Center for Governance and Public Policy Research

Transforming existing states into preferred one.

One of Willamette University's six Centers of Excellence, the Center for Governance and Public Policy Research is a joint program of the Atkinson Graduate School of Management, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the College of Law. The Center performs high-quality policy-relevant research concerned with organizational governance and transformation issues, primarily those with a financial component.

By high quality we mean two things: first, that our academic peers respect our research, as reflected by publication in leading scholarly journals, and, second, that it is influential. We will be influential by developing a reputation for providing unbiased, non-partisan, evidence-based information that is directly relevant to the real public-policy problems facing the region and the nation.

Center for Religion, Law and Democracy

The Center for Religion, Law and Democracy is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to exploring the role of religion in the law and public life. The Center draws on Willamette's historic and ongoing strengths as a church-related college committed to academic excellence and public service, as well as its location adjacent to the Oregon State Capitol. The Center involves students and faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Law who teach, write, and engage in these issues on a continuing basis. As part of its mission, the Center conducts symposia, lectures, research and curriculum development, funds internships, and serves as a forum for the discussion of these intersecting issues.

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