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Theatre 33's Summer 2023 productions are "donation only." While we suggest a $10 donation at the door, there is no ticketed admission to watch our performances and readings.

You may reserve your show date with the buttons below. You will receive a reminder about your show a few days in advance of the performance.


June 8 – 10, 2023  •  7:00 PM
June 10 & 11 2023  •  2:00 PM 

Putnam Studio • M. Lee Pelton Theatre 

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 Somewhere in the west, as the environment burns, an owl, a deer, and a wolf meet up at their usual generator-run bar to drink beers and lament the constant smoke, helicopters, and road closures when a youngster with a Nintendo Switch decides to join them.

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Working For Crumbs

July 13-15, 2023  •  7:00 PM
July 15 & 16  •  2:00 PM 

Putnam Studio • M. Lee Pelton Theatre 

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Grace and Amy are living for the crumbs of their soul-sucking job.  But when calamity strikes and their boss chokes on an oatmeal raisin cookie, it creates a domino effect of destruction that brings down the corporate house.  9 to 5 meets Weekend at Bernie’s in this quick-witted, sidesplitting farce!

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The Names

Aug. 10 – 12, 2022  •  7:00 PM
Aug. 12 & 13, 2022  •  2:00 PM 

Putnam Studio • M. Lee Pelton Theatre

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Martina Visconti, a Jewish opera star, decides to remain in German-occupied Milan during World War II in hopes of protecting her impetuous younger sister Giulia, who has joined the Resistance. Meanwhile, an American GI in an embattled infantry unit south of Rome dreams of reaching Milan so that he can finally meet his operatic idol. A story of the bonds of love stretched to their very limits and the heart-wrenching choice one sister must make in a world that is falling into unfathomable darkness.

Pop-up Readings

join us for pop-up readings throughout the summer. 

Location: Rogers Rehearsal Hall at Rogers Music center
Willamette University

World War II is over and 23-year old Kaija, accompanied by a young boy who seems to be her son, has fled her eastern European homeland now occupied by Soviet forces. Although she is now married and living in post-war Germany, her sailor husband’s long absences make it difficult to adapt to a normal life in this, to her foreign, land. Dreams and ghosts from the past keep challenging her sanity. When yet another personal tragedy happens, she battles with both friends and foes, struggling to find out whether it is her imagination or the outside world that hold the keys to her reality.

greatbub type

Location: Rogers Rehearsal Hall at Rogers Music center
Willamette University

It is 1968 and three high school buddies, Bub, Dev and Louis are eager to play army and “join in the fun” in Vietnam. They have made a pact to enlist together the day after graduation. Fourteen-year-old Mud, Dev’s little sister, Bub’s pet and Louis’ nemesis feels left behind. With an often-absent mother, she finds herself having to care for Grammy, her ever loving and equally feisty grandmother who is beginning to show signs of forgetfulness. Only Louis comes home from Vietnam, injured, disillusioned and angry. Mud’s grandmother ultimately disappears into her dementia, but it will be Grammy who manages to reach beyond the grief and confusion holding both Mud and Louis back. THE GREAT BUB is about family, growing up and finding a way through loss.

Location: Rogers Rehearsal Hall at Rogers Music center
Willamette University

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Leila and Sarai confront each other's expectations of life, activism, and the college application process as they stand side-by-side each morning at the entrance to their high school, attempting to recruit new members for their high school clubs. This engaging tale of the next generation of leaders explores what it means to be a success, what it means to be a friend, and what it means to be the one responsible for "fixing" the structures of power. 

Willamette University

Theatre 33

Salem Campus

M. Lee Pelton Theatre
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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