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Willamette's MBA Concentration in Finance

Are you looking to take your finance career to the next level? Willamette University offers one of the best finance MBA programs in the country. Students can expect a comprehensive education in financial management that puts hands-on experience at the forefront. If you're a student interested in a finance career, stand out from others by earning an MBA with a finance concentration.

Why choose the Finance concentration at Willamette University?

This specialized degree equips students with essential skills in areas such as investment analysis, risk management, and corporate finance. It opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities in finance. Consider roles in investment banking, financial consulting, asset management, and corporate finance departments.

The ever-evolving complexities of global financial markets and capital markets make the finance concentration extremely valuable. An MBA with a finance concentration enhances one's financial acumen. It also provides the strategic thinking and decision-making abilities necessary to excel in any business landscape.

Our Finance concentration is renowned for its excellence in preparing students for successful careers in finance. It's clear why we're one of the best finance MBA programs in the United States. Here's what sets our program apart:


  • Real-world experience

    At Willamette University, we believe in learning by doing. As an MBA student, you'll have the unique opportunity to participate in our O'Neill Student Investment Fund course.

    This immersive experience involves managing a substantial $500,000 portfolio, offering hands-on exposure to investment management. The course takes place on a real investment trading floor, giving you access to real-time financial information. Additionally, a dedicated boardroom is available for collaborative discussions and decision-making.

  • Networking opportunities for MBA graduates

    Building a strong professional network is crucial in the finance industry. Our students benefit from the Atkinson Accounting and Finance Association. This association provides a platform for students to connect with finance professionals, attend networking events, and gain insights into industry trends.

    We also offer career management experts to help you propel your finance career. Willamette has connections with exclusive companies in the financial sector. Students can also utilize programs like career fairs, mentorship programs, and even mock interviews.

  • Comprehensive Finance curriculum

    Vital elements of finance include managing investments, assessing risk, and optimizing financial strategies to achieve long-term goals. The Finance concentration at Willamette University offers a range of elective courses tailored to your career goals:

    • Valuation (GSM 6017)
      • Dive deep into the heart of finance by developing analytical skills for valuation. You'll learn to apply various techniques, such as free cash flow analysis, financial ratio analysis, and real option analysis. These will help students make informed long-term financial decisions.
    • Financial Statement Analysis (GSM 6206)
      • Understand how to decipher financial statements and use them to assess the prospects, risks, and capacities of organizations. You'll also learn to make compelling arguments and evaluate them through comparative data analysis.
    • International Finance (GSM 6258)
      • Explore the complexities of international financial markets. Learn more about topics such as fixed and floating exchange rates, monetary unions, and strategies for hedging foreign exchange exposure.
    • Financial Derivatives and Risk Management (GSM 6264)
      • Master the use of financial derivatives such as options, futures, and swaps to create value and manage risk. Learn to avoid the potential pitfalls associated with these instruments.
    • Corporate Finance (GSM 6283)
      • Develop expertise in planning, implementing, and evaluating financing, investing, and dividend payout strategies in domestic and multinational corporations. Analyze real-world situations using finance concepts and valuation models.
    • Investments (GSM 6291)
      • Combine financial and macroeconomic analysis to design and implement investment strategies in stocks and exchange-traded funds. Gain insights into asset allocation and performance benchmarking.
    • O'Neill Student Investment Fund (GSM 6292A/B)
      • Experience hands-on investment management as you manage a real portfolio of stocks and exchange-traded funds. Experience portfolio management and present your results and outlook to an external panel.
    • Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions, and Restructurings (GSM 6293)
      • Dive into the world of corporate restructuring, including mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers. Develop skills in financial modeling and quantitative techniques.
    • O'Neill Student Investment Fund (GSM 6294)
      • Extend your investment management experience into the summer semester. Utilize a text written by a high-level investment manager to value companies and make decisions on stock purchases.

    These elective courses will guide students toward diverse career paths and opportunities. Our finance concentration prepares you for a career in finance, whether as a financial analyst or at a hedge fund. Yet, the Willamette MBA program's strength lies in its holistic curriculum. Through core courses, students gain comprehensive insights into areas like marketing, management, and accounting.

Our commitment to providing the best finance education remains unwavering. Our dedicated faculty will ensure that you receive a top-notch education that prepares you for success in the finance industry. Our school for finance provides classroom education with real-world experience to prepare students for a career after school.

Secure a top MBA with a concentration in finance. Set yourself up for success and apply to our MBA degree program today.

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