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Willamette's MBA in International Business Management

Are you interested in the complexities of international business and global management? Do you aspire to become a leader who can navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the ever-evolving global marketplace? Willamette offers an MBA program with a concentration in Global Management to help you achieve your goals.

What is an MBA in Global Management?

An MBA in Global Management is a program designed for students who want to excel in international business. Globalization has changed the way that organizations function. It's now essential for business leaders to understand global markets, cross-cultural management, and international strategy.

Willamette University recognizes the importance of global management in today's business landscape. Our curriculum discusses cross-cultural management, global market dynamics, trade regulations, and even economic trends. Our International Management MBA will expand your understanding of all core functions of business. Choose a global MBA to understand international markets.

Our international management MBA program

Here are some of the key elements that make Willamette's Global Concentration program stand out:

  • Comprehensive course offerings

    Willamette MBA students have the opportunity to choose a variety of elective courses tailored to global management. While course classes will discuss a variety of topics, electives will cover subjects that help prepare students for a specific career. These optional courses include:

    • GSM 6011 - International Management
      • Understand the foundation of global management and international business. This course covers topics like the global business environment, cross-cultural management, and global strategy.
    • GSM 6012 Development Economics
      • Dive into the complexities of economic development, exploring how regions can escape poverty. Learn more about non-profit and for-profit work with a global perspective.
    • GSM 6258 International Finance
      • Gain insights into foreign exchange exposure. Learn techniques for hedging it with financial derivatives. The course includes hands-on simulations to enhance your understanding of global economy scenarios.
    • GSM 6268 - Leadership
      • Explore leadership in practical settings. Apply concepts from organizational behavior, psychology, and economics to improve your decision-making skills.
    • GSM 7261G - Global Study
      • Learn more about global perspectives through a study abroad program. Experience global business and culture firsthand through a trip around the world.
    • GSM 7240 or 7241 or 7242 or 7243 or 7244 - International Exchange Programs
      • Enrich your MBA experience by studying abroad at partner institutions around the world. Study business within different cities in France and Denmark.
  • International exchange programs
    Willamette MBA offers several international exchange programs. Choose between prestigious institutions like Bordeaux School of Management, Copenhagen Business School, and EM Strasbourg School of Business. These programs allow you to immerse yourself in international business environments, gaining a truly global perspective.
  • Real-world relevance

    Willamette MBA's Global Management concentration will equip you for real-world challenges. You'll learn to think critically, make effective decisions, and lead in diverse and dynamic global settings. Students gain practical application and valuable real-world experience, preparing them to excel in the global business landscape.

    You don't need to have an undergraduate degree in international business. Students will be ready for a path in global management through our MBA degree. That's why Willamette offers study-abroad opportunities and hands-on simulations.

  • Expert faculty
    Willamette faculty have first-hand experience with international business. With years of work experience and connections to the global business community, you can expect to learn from real-world experts.

Earn an MBA in International Management

Businesses are becoming more connected across borders. There's a need for leaders to understand all perspectives to make strong strategic management decisions. Our MBA in global management combines experiences with a robust curriculum. Our goal is to provide business students with a deeper understanding of global business.

Willamette offers plenty of financial aid options for students pursuing a master of business administration degree.

From working at international organizations to launching your own global business, set yourself up with the right skills and knowledge. Explore the exciting and ever-evolving realm of global business.

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