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The MBA Marketing Program at Willamette

From higher earning potential to in-demand skills, there are several reasons that students choose to pursue an MBA with a marketing concentration. Businesses need to have a solid marketing strategy in place to connect with their target audience and achieve their goals. With the constant change, businesses need individuals who can think strategically and solve problems.

Become adaptable, utilize networking opportunities, and advance your career through our marketing concentration program.

Marketing Concentration

MBA students can expect to learn about marketing principles, strategies, analytics, and consumer behavior through Willamette's marketing courses. These classes discuss both marketing basics and advanced topics that are relevant in today's landscape. Choosing an MBA with a marketing concentration can help students become specialized in subjects related to their career path.

  • Professional development and networking opportunities

    One of the reasons that individuals pursue an MBA with a marketing concentration is accelerated career advancement. Willamette proudly features networking and professional development opportunities for MBA students. Join the American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter to connect with industry professionals, attend conferences, and learn more about the latest industry trends.

    Willamette University also offers a career management service to help prepare students for life post-graduation. You can hone in on interview skills through training options or even visit company sites to connect with hiring managers. Willamette also offers career counseling, an internship program, mentor opportunities, salary negotiation training, and resume writing assistance.

  • Diverse career opportunities
    By pursuing an MBA in marketing at Willamette, graduates pave the way to a diverse array of marketing roles. Our alumni have distinguished themselves in positions such as Director of Marketing, Public Relations Manager, Account Executive, Marketing Analyst, and Product Manager. Their achievements span from roles in marketing communications to executive leadership positions. Notably, our graduates have also excelled as Marketing Research Managers, E-business Marketing Managers, Consultants, and Sales Managers.
  • Key elective courses for our Marketing MBA

    Willamette's program is so successful because we combine core principles with industry trends. By combining traditional knowledge with real-life learning, our program will offer a competitive advantage to those in the job market. Our business school offers advanced marketing courses designed for all types of marketing professionals.

    The marketing elective courses offered as part of the Marketing concentration at Willamette's MBA program include:

    • GSM 6004 - E-commerce and Digital Marketing Analytics
      • This course is a hands-on learning opportunity where students participate in the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC). They run real keyword advertising campaigns for organizations, gaining hands-on experience in digital marketing. The course covers topics like keyword planning, A-B testing, and statistical analysis.
    • GSM 6007 - Content Marketing in Social Media
      • This course equips students with the skills to develop, execute, and measure social media marketing campaigns. Students work on real campaigns and learn to create quality content, develop effective strategies, and measure success through objective metrics.
    • GSM 6020 - Marketing Analytics
      • Marketing is increasingly data-driven, and this course focuses on teaching students how to leverage data for marketing decision-making. This course explores tools such as Excel, Tableau, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Adobe Analytics Challenge, where they solve real business problems with Big Data.
    • GSM 6202 - Product Planning
      • This course explores the nuances of product and brand management across various stages of the product life cycle. It emphasizes marketing's role in introducing innovations and how it collaborates with operations and finance.
    • GSM 6216 - Business and Economic Forecasting
      • Forecasting is a crucial skill in marketing. This course covers both qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques, including statistical modeling. Students learn to interpret numerical data and apply it to real-world business and economic scenarios.
    • GSM 6231 - Strategic Marketing for Private & Public NFP Organizations
      • This course delves into the unique challenges of marketing for not-for-profit organizations. Students learn to build productive relationships with donors and clients, emphasizing value creation.
    • GSM 6260 - Research for Marketing Decisions
      • Marketing research is a cornerstone of effective marketing. This course teaches students how to gather, analyze, and interpret data to support decision-making. It emphasizes systematic and objective investigation.
    • GSM 6261 - Marketing Strategy
      • In this course, students explore strategic marketing and the formulation of marketing strategies. They work on case studies and use a computer simulation called Markstrat to gain practical experience.

    Faculty members carefully craft these elective courses and core courses to provide students with a well-rounded education in marketing. By combining traditional and contemporary marketing, graduates will be prepared to work in all types of industries.

Secure a graduate degree in marketing

If your passion lies in marketing—be it product marketing, product development, or any other niche—Willamette's MBA program is tailor-made for you. Dive deep into a state-of-the-art marketing education, where you can gain insights into product and service dynamics, master pricing strategies, and gear up for a successful marketing career. Become part of a community of professionals poised to reshape the marketing landscape.
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