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Willamette's MBA in Operations, Analysis, and Systems

The Operations, Analysis and Systems concentration builds skills in analyzing and innovating the processes of an organization. Hone technical skills and soft skills to secure a competitive advantage with a career in operations.

Are you considering a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a focus on Operations, Analysis, and Systems? Willamette offers a concentration that prepares students for a variety of career opportunities. Whether you want to become a consultant, business analyst, operations analyst, or systems analyst, you'll learn the right skills. Our MBA graduates also pursue careers as marketing analysts and financial analysts.

  • Operations, Analysis, and Systems Concentration Courses

    Willamette offers a variety of core courses and electives. Learn more about the classes available through our operations management MBA program:

    • Management Analytics (GSM 6014)
      • Analytics is the process of transforming data into insights for better decision-making. This course covers operations research, statistical methods, and management information systems. Learn how to analyze data and enhance your decision-making skills.
    • Business and Economic Forecasting (GSM 6216)
      • This course focuses on qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques. It highlighting statistical modeling and interpretation of numerical data. It includes topics such as multiple regression, exponential smoothing, and Box-Jenkins analysis.
    • Lean Six Sigma (GSM 6220)
      • Lean Six Sigma aims to reduce waste, improve quality, and enhance performance. This course covers waste reduction, defect reduction, and delivering goods and services with minimal defects.
    • Enterprise Data Management (GSM 6223)
      • This course introduces modern database concepts and development skills. Discuss topics including data modeling, relational design, and the use of Structured Query Language (SQL) for data retrieval.
    • Project Management (GSM 6249)
      • Topics include project integration, scope management, time and cost management, risk management, and agile methodologies.
    • Research for Marketing Decisions (GSM 6260)
      • This course teaches techniques and principles for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. Students will become better decision-makers in marketing goods and services.
    • Data Sciences for Strategic Applications (GSM 6272)
      • This course focuses on data science, combining statistical thinking, database management, and computer science. Students work with real-world data to solve strategic problems.
    • Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (GSM 6275)
      • Supply chain management is crucial in today's business landscape. This course instructs students with modern purchasing and supplier management theory and practice, covering strategies, processes, and buyer-supplier relationships.
    • Sustainability Management (GSM 6296)
      • Addressing sustainability challenges is a pressing concern. This course prepares students to transition to management systems that balance environmental, social, and economic needs effectively.
    • Internships for Management I (GSM 7251)
      • This course offers students an opportunity to undertake professional-level internships, applying knowledge in real-world settings.

Why choose this concentration over a Master's in Supply Chain Management?

A master's degree in supply chain management focuses on logistics and supply chain operations. Willamette's Concentration in Operations, Analysis, and Systems offers a broader range of skills. This skill set goes beyond supply chain management and encompasses a wider range of business disciplines. Students who opt for this program can expect more advantages in the long run.

Students gain a broader skill set for business. Our concentration encompasses a wide range of topics, including data analysis, project management, and sustainability management. By pairing elective courses with foundational courses, students can gain a deeper understanding of facets of business.

Our MBA program allows students to adapt their skills to various industries and functions. From careers in global supply chain management to information technology, the skillsets from this MBA are relevant to different professional paths. Graduates can enjoy flexibility in career choices and explore more options than someone in such a specialized role.

In today's business landscape, data analysis is critical. This concentration places a strong emphasis on analytics, giving graduates a competitive edge. Students will hone in on their problem-solving skills and solve operation and supply chain challenges through data. No matter what career students choose, they'll find that data skills will positively impact every role they choose.

More than just an MBA in Supply Chain Management

As a top business school, Willamette understands how vital it is to cover core business concepts and specialized topics. MBA students will experience a variety of business classes to provide a holistic approach. Willamette also offers hands-on learning opportunities to equip students with knowledge and experience to thrive in the job market.

Our business school offers a full-time MBA program and a part-time MBA program. Get a better understanding of product and service operations and learn more about our MBA in Operations.

By specializing too narrowly, students may limit their career versatility. Rather than pursuing an MBA in supply chain management, consider an MBA program that encompasses a broad spectrum of business disciplines. Our concentration equips students with a diverse skill set, preparing them for success across various career paths.

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Willamette's MBA concentration in Operations, Analysis, and Systems offers an adaptable education that extends beyond a specialized master's degree. Cover more than the topics included with an MBA in operations.
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