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An MBA Program in Organizational Analysis

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and become a leader who understands organizations inside out? Willamette's MBA program offers a concentration in Organizational Analysis. Learn more about the elements that shape effectiveness in a business.

Our concentration is holistic and allows students added flexibility in their careers. Instead of an MBA in organizational leadership or an MBA in organizational behavior, our program covers a breadth of topics. We also cover topics that an MBA in organizational leadership would address.

We offer a part-time and full-time MBA program. We also have locations in Portland and Salem to help you advance your career within Oregon.

  • A holistic approach

    Organizational Analysis is all about solving the mysteries of organizations. It studies the web of people, processes, and structures. Learn how to unravel the inner workings of companies and gain valuable skills to improve a company's performance.

    Willamette's MBA program offers more than other organizational MBA programs. Our program combines three different schools of thought to prepare our students for all types of careers.

    MBA in Organizational Leadership

    Our program doesn't just teach you leadership; it immerses you in it. You'll gain insight into how leaders make decisions and influence individuals and teams within organizations. This knowledge empowers you to be an effective leader.

    MBA in Organizational Behavior

    Organizational Behavior is all about understanding how individuals and groups behave within organizations. Our MBA program goes a step further by examining the factors that drive these behaviors and how they impact outcomes.

    MBA in Organizational Management

    Management is a critical aspect of any organization. Our elective courses help you identify weaknesses in company performance, develop strategies for improvement, and manage complex projects efficiently. You'll learn to use resources effectively to achieve organizational goals.

    Willamette provides an opportunity to concurrently study various organizational approaches. Our MBA students are prepared for the business world, often securing management and leadership positions at leading organizations. Don't focus on only one element of organizations, make the most of your graduate degree with help from Willamette.

  • Tailored elective courses

    The program offers a range of elective courses that allow you to tailor your education to your career goals. Learn more about the types of courses you can expect from our business school.

    • GSM 6211 - Managing Organizational Change
      • Explore the concepts and practices of planned change and development. Discuss methods and strategies for change and learn more about the role of managers in designing and enforcing changes.
    • GSM 6229 - Principles of Management Consulting
      • The course emphasizes organizational change consulting and equips students with skills to diagnose, evaluate, and improve management and organizational performance.
    • GSM 6236 - HR Principles and Practices
      • Learn more about acquiring and developing talent and how to manage the employment relationship. This course prepares students for human resource management and generalist roles by building skills in HR concepts.
    • GSM 6249 - Project Management
      • This course covers project integration, scope, time, cost management, quality management, human resources, communication, risk management, and procurement management.
    • GSM 6268 - Leadership
      • This course explores leadership in practical situations, drawing on concepts and theories from organizational behavior, psychology, and behavioral economics.
    • GSM 6276 - Social Networks for Managers
      • This course focuses on managing social networks and structures. It examines how informal relationships outside formal structures impact knowledge transfer, decision-making, behavior, and career advancement.
    • GSM 7251 - Internship
      • This course offers an opportunity to gain real-world experience that utilizes MBA knowledge. Students maximize their personal and professional development during the internship.
  • Professional development and networking

    At Willamette, we understand the importance of professional development and networking. Our MBA degree program connects students with a wide range of professional organizations, including the Atkinson Consulting Association. These opportunities allow students to build valuable connections, gain insights from industry experts, and enhance their leadership skills.

    We also offer a career development center to provide more support to those in the job market. Prepare for an interview, join a career fair, or even join our mentorship program! Our career services also provide on-campus recruiting events and company treks to build your network. Willamette is here to help you build your network and continue growing in your career.

Pursue a master's of business administration

Willamette's MBA program offers a holistic approach to understanding and improving organizations. It expands upon the foundations of organizational leadership, behavior, and management.

Whether you aspire to be a leader, a consultant, or a manager, this program empowers you to make meaningful changes. Join our organizational leadership program and turn knowledge into action.

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