Management Science and Quantitative Methods (STEM)

The Management Science and Quantitative Methods (STEM) concentration develops knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math as applied to management in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. This concentration helps MBA students build their experience in one of the world's fastest growing fields.

Students who choose to pursue a formal concentration in "Management Science and Quantitative Methods" must complete a minimum of five (5) courses from the following list of elective courses with a grade of B (3.0) or higher, and all other requirements for graduation. The final MBA transcript of students who successfully complete these requirements will list "Management Science and Quantitative Methods (STEM)" as a concentration.

  • GSM 6004 - E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
  • GSM 6014 - Management Analytics
  • GSM 6203 - Seminar Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • GSM 6216 - Business/Economic Forecasting
  • GSM 6220 - Lean Six Sigma
  • GSM 6222 - Business Dynamics
  • GSM 6223 - Enterprise Data Management
  • GSM 6249 - Project Management
  • GSM 6270 - Negotiation, Bargaining and the Economics of Strategy
  • GSM 6272 - Data Sciences for Strategic Applications
  • GSM 6283 - Corporate Finance
  • GSM 6291 - Investments

It is possible that a specific course may not be offered in a given year.