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Management Science and Quantitative Methods Concentration

Willamette's MBA program offers a unique concentration in Management Science and Quantitative Methods (MSQM). This concentration equips MBA students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving field.

What is Management Science?

Management Science and Quantitative Methods (MSQM) uses math and statistics to solve complex decisions. It optimizes processes and empowers pros to analyze data for real-world solutions. Our program applies STEM to management in business, government, and non-profits.


Management Science course options

Our MBA science management concentration offers a diverse range of elective courses that help students understand management science and quantitative methods. Here are the key courses included in this concentration:

  • Relevant Courses
    E-Commerce and Digital Marketing (GSM 6004)
    • This hands-on learning course focuses on keyword advertising campaigns in the digital marketing landscape. Students work with real organizations, applying techniques and statistical analyses to digital marketing strategies.
    Management Analytics (GSM 6014)
    • Management analytics is the process of transforming data into actionable insights. This course teaches students various analytical tools and methodologies to make data-driven decisions in diverse industries.
    Seminar in Benefit-Cost Analysis (GSM 6203)
    • This course delves into public cost-benefit analysis, emphasizing quantitative evaluation of public policies. Students learn to communicate complex quantitative analysis to a lay audience.
    Business and Economic Forecasting (GSM 6216)
    • This course covers both qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques. It also focuses on statistical modeling and data interpretation for business and economic data.
    Lean Six Sigma (GSM 6220)
    • Lean Six Sigma combines Lean principles and Six Sigma methodologies to reduce waste, enhance quality, and improve business processes.
    Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling (GSM 6222)
    • This course on System Dynamics emphasizes understanding complexity, feedback, and endogeneity in problem-solving. Students learn to apply systems thinking and modeling to real-world issues.
    Enterprise Data Management (GSM 6223)
    • Database management is a foundational skill in the information age. This course covers modern database concepts and development skills, including SQL and data retrieval for informed decision-making.
    Project Management (GSM 6249)
    • As organizations increasingly rely on projects, this course explores project management from an executive perspective. Topics include planning, risk management, and agile methodologies.
    Negotiation, Bargaining and the Economics of Strategy (GSM 6270)
    • This course applies game theory to strategic decision-making and negotiation. Students explore decision trees, optimal strategies, and communication in various sectors.
    Data Sciences for Strategic Applications (GSM 6272)
    • This course addresses the strategic use of data as a competitive resource. Students work with client organizations to solve complex problems using data-driven models and advanced data management techniques.
    Corporate Finance (GSM 6283)
    • This course focuses on planning and evaluating financing, investment, and dividend strategies in corporations, emphasizing analytical frameworks and case analysis.
    Investments (GSM 6291)
    • This course integrates financial and macroeconomic analysis to design and implement investment strategies in stocks and exchange-traded funds. Topics include economic outlook, risk analysis, and asset allocation.

Our MBA with a Management Science Focus

When pursuing an MBA degree, choose a concentration that matches your career goals. Explore systems analysis, delve into supply chain management, and apply the scientific method in business. Our degree in management science covers information systems and mathematical models.

Willamette offers hands-on practical training. Our elective courses seamlessly integrate classroom instruction with real-world applications. Dive into these courses, hone essential skills, and embark on a rewarding career in management science and quantitative methods.

Whether you're an international student or a student from the United States, take the next step. Apply to our management science concentration today.

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