To call our Angel Fund program hands-on is an understatement.

As a student in our two-semester Angel Fund course, you will learn and experience the strategies and details involved in investing in entrepreneurial ventures. And you will jump right in. In fact, you will be embedded in Angel investment groups throughout the Pacific Northwest as an actual investor.

You will be sitting side-by-side with executives, business leaders, and investors. You will work with your classmates and apply what you’ve learned throughout the MBA program to analyze hundreds of potential angel investment opportunities. You will evaluate deal flow, perform due diligence, and work with a professional Advisory Board. In the end, you will make decisions that will invest real dollars in early-stage companies.

As a class member, you will also work on cutting edge research in the fields of angel investing, venture investing, entrepreneurship and economic development.

All money raised from Angel Fund investments goes back into the course, ensuring Willamette’s continued ability to deliver this one-of-a-kind consequential learning experience.

If you are interested in experiencing the front lines of entrepreneurship and investing, you're going to want to be in this course.

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