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Our O'Neill Student-Managed Investment Fund

Gain real-world experience as a portfolio manager and an investment manager through Willamette's student-managed investment fund.

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Willamette University is a leader in hands-on learning. Here, graduate students gain practical experiences within the business, government, and non-profit world. In fact, we offer a special student investment fund and course experience to prepare students for a future in finance.

Students will follow economic, financial, political, and organizational events in this course to make better investment decisions. Students will apply classroom concepts and techniques to a real portfolio of stocks and exchange-traded funds.

Students enrolled in the investment course apply classroom concepts and techniques to a real portfolio of stocks and exchange-traded funds. As a group, they design an agreed-upon asset allocation mode. They monitor economic, financial, political, and organizational events that affect markets.  They consider the market and events from the U.S., regional and global viewpoints and a risk tolerance model.

They ultimately gain real professional experience making investment decisions and understanding the dynamics of financial decision-making. At the end of each semester, the class presents portfolio performance results to a panel of fund managers. Not only do students gain knowledge on how to invest, but they also learn how to professionally present their work to an advisory board.

Students enrolled in the Student Investment Fund course have real-time access to professional financial information. They also utilize the investment boardroom to discuss ideas, develop strategies, and make investments.

Robert and Doris O'Neill donated money for students to manage a $500,000 Student Investment Fund. The Willamette community is extremely thankful for this donation, allowing students to gain investment portfolio experience during their education.

Our Student Investment Fund

  • What is a student investment fund?

    A student investment fund is a real-money investment portfolio managed by a group of students under supervision. These funds provide students with hands-on experience in applying investment principles and making real-world investment decisions.

    Student investment funds typically invest in various asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. Students involved in investment funds gain valuable experience in researching and analyzing potential investments, developing investment strategies, and managing a portfolio. They also learn about financial markets, risk management, and ethical investing practices.

  • What careers would benefit from a student investment fund course?

    Experience with a student investment fund can be a valuable asset for a wide range of careers. Here are some specific examples of careers that would benefit from this experience:

    • Investment Banker
    • Equity Researcher
    • Portfolio Manager
    • Financial Planner
    • Financial Consultant

    Experience with a student investment fund can also be beneficial for those pursuing careers in general finance, such as accounting, auditing, and banking. This experience can demonstrate an understanding of financial principles to potential employers.

  • Are there other finance opportunities available?

    Willamette offers several opportunities to learn more about finance. We offer several other practical learning courses related to finance such as the Angel Investment Fund and Philanthropic Investment Fund. Each of these courses offers different skills that are applicable to a career in finance or accounting.

    Willamette also offers several MBA concentration options to become more specialized in a specific subject or field. Choose an MBA with an accounting concentration and hone in on financial reporting skills. Our MBA concentration in finance will dive more into risk management and risk assessment. Our MBA entrepreneurship concentration is another route for those interested in the investing world.

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